The challenge of NaBloPoMo and AEDM over a Coffee Chat

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Last week of November’s Art Every Day and NaBloPoMo

November 29th

Today is day #29 of AEDM and NaBloPoMo – and Coffee Chat with Leslie (feed her some more coffee, please).

So how did you do on your monthly personal challenge.  You don’t have to provide personal details of the nature of your particular challenge — just let us know how you did, and your overall thoughts.

By now you all know that I had a two folded challenge this November. I challenged myself to ‘art every day’ and to writing or publishing a blog post every day. I definitely passed 50 % of this challenge, maybe even with flying colors? The other 50 % I only passed, hmm, maybe 50 %? So, it totals to 75 %.

Now that I see that number, it doesn’t look so good anymore. Funny thing though, I feel pretty darn’ good about what I have achieved. I don’t think that I have ever posted each and every day on my blog before. And not just a photo, but actual some writing and sometimes a lot of photos. I think I did pretty good.

So what are my take always. The biggest one, dear subscribers, you may be happy to hear that this daily email from me has or will come to an end tomorrow. I will not continue to post every day. While it got me into a kind of morning routine of blogging, I’d rather spend those mornings with creating art and meditating, easing into the busy office day ahead of me. A bit of blogging, too, but without stressing over getting the daily post up, because I have to get it done before I leave for work.

I don’t like the obligation behind posting every day. Blogging for me should be fun and not a chore I have to do.

Along the course of this month I have lost a couple of subscribers, which, of course, hurt me, because what would blogging be without all of you? But I respect and even sympathize with those who decided to unsubscribe. I would not be able to keep up with a daily email either. Hence I gave you the option to update your email preferences to a weekly email instead. If you like to you may still do that, you just have to update your subscriber settings or let me know by email and I will set it up. I really do not want to overwhelm or even spam your inbox.

Another thing is that it is hard for me to stay on top of my own commenting on blogs. We all know that comments are the salt of the blogging soup. I decided already a while ago that I would no longer respond to each comment on my blog, but rather hop over to the commenter’s blog and check out their post and comment there. To me that  seemed a better way to make the most of my blogging time and connecting. But for the better part of November I have been and still am playing ‘catch up’. Not a good feeling.

But – fear not – if I haven’t done so already, I will be visiting all of you who commented on any of my many posts this month. It just might take me a moment longer and I’d like to apologize for that.

And I think that is it for me. It sure was (is) a challenge and I managed it as best as I could. Would I do it again? I don’t know. Under the same circumstances I am in now? Probably not.

But it was a good exercise.Cheers,



If I have time I will be linking with one or more of the fine people in this collection – check them out!

A couple of NYC photos I shared on Instagram

taken and edited with my iPhone only

8 thoughts on “The challenge of NaBloPoMo and AEDM over a Coffee Chat”

  1. It is quite an accomplishment. Give yourself a pat on the back. I agree, though, I cannot do a blog entry a day. My goal is 1-2 times a week on my Crazed Poppet Facebook page (which is now my blog). More than that is stressful. I did well with the Halloween posts (easy since I have so much Halloween material) and will do a 13 days of Creepmas starting December 1 (sadly that one will be a repeat of 2014 posts to my other blog since I have not been in a position to be creative until recently).

    I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your pictures and look forward to seeing what ever you wish to post. As far as commenting, not necessary that you have to acknowledge each and every one of mine!!

    Love to ya and happy art!!!

  2. I think with two challenges in a month and hitting 75% is pretty good. Posting daily is not my usual schedule too but for April and November, I do that. It is a stretch but I love it. Well done!
    I loved your art. The images are very beautiful.

  3. I think you did fabulous and I looked forward to getting your posts in my inbox each day. I tried commenting every day but know I missed a couple here and there. As you know, I pretty much gave up half-way through and I’m totally ok with that. This year blogging has definitely taken a huge backseat and it makes me wonder what 2017 will bring. I think about just letting it go… but for some reason I’m just not quite ready for that! xoxo

  4. i wouldn’t be able to keep up with two challenges in Nov, because I try to make my Christmas gifts during that month. But I NEVER, ever go back and read comments that someone may have left on their blog. I have too many commenters to do that. I much prefer comments to me on MY blog, and if you ask a question, I return to YOUR blog and leave the answer. Works best for me.

    Congrats on making it this far, and I love, love, love those photos!

  5. I think you did fantastic!! Especially considered that you do already have an actual job to leave the house for. If I had to be in the office all day long, I certainly would not have the time to create much Art either. I mean the kids take up time for sure, and the house — but I’ve found my schedule and balancing act for the most part. But the biggest thing is I Am Here – so I can normally find at least 15 minutes to work on anything in various intervals through out the day. So you did amazing!!! I really enjoyed the photos from your NW trip. And the manga art is so unique and cool. Hopefully we will see more of that.
    I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will usually have one day in the week that is reserved for visiting and commenting. I get the daily emails, but I just slide them over to a To Read folder and get to them when I can. Unless people have their notifications set — they might not even know if you replied to their comments anyway. Although I normally do that as well. And I never feel bad anymore if I just have to delete that To Read folder some weeks because LIFE. 🙂

  6. I get upset about unsubscribers too! I have no email or newsletter of any kind but just the kind on social media.
    I really think you did so well with this. I always look forward to November because my Bloglovin feed gets big again! I love your two-folded challenges. You get bonus points for that!
    I do like to reply to my comments but I’m about two months behind on it. I’ll catch up one day!


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