Children – a challenging theme for me? Yes / No?

It is Creative Tuesday and thus time to show some … children… Yup, that is this week’s theme and, dare I say, not one that comes natural to me. But as you know I already started preparing and posted a ‘runner up’ item on Saturday. And today there’s a little more as you will see in a moment.

But first, David gets a say (sorry, Michael, no time to do a separate post this week and it needed to be said, so…):

We would like to send a special thanks to all the brave souls who dared to venture into the Darkmoore Forest! Thanks to your feedback on our game (‘The Witch of Darkmoore Forest’ – coded & drawn by us, if you like  – free, of course, but Windows only), we were able to find and eliminate some minor bugs, and make a few changes (the file link has been updated with the patched version). As David and I were reviewing this project, we came across another old journal from Francesca with several helpful hints for surviving the Darkmoore Forest. We are reprinting this below, but use this at your own risk, because in the end Francesca didn’t survive!

Now that doesn’t sound very child friendly, does it now?! But it is, you just have to trust me on this one.

Now, back to CT and my contribution. It actually all started with a post on Alexandra’s website titled A Pocketful of memories in which she shares with us some very fond memories of her father. It sparked some that I have of my father. And one of them I thought to try and make into a comic strip of kind, of course, manga style.

But unfortunately I ran out of time – seems to be a very common thing around here these days. Anyway, so instead of not showing you anything, I opted for letting you have a peak at one of the illustrations, which (like Saturday’s) is still missing all the lights and shadows, textures and I will most likely also change colors. If you stick around a.k.a. check back in a few, you’ll probably see the full story.

Well, I will be going on trip to Germany this week, which means a looooong flight. Most likely I’ll have time to draw some more as it would be highly unusual for me to sleep on the plane. However it may be a week or two before I get around to checking out your entries.

That’s it from me this week. Have a great day and see you around.



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10 thoughts on “Children – a challenging theme for me? Yes / No?”

  1. This is looking promising, Claudia. thakn you for playing along and yes, we will need to check back then. You are like me–can’t ever sleep on a plane! Good luck with all that. UI do hope you get to finish this piece! Thank you for your contribution and story. Wonderful to hear how Alex’s post inspired you too…even if you ended up in another direction, it got your started. 🙂

  2. No – not kids – I come on the Internet to escape kids!!! LOL
    But she’s so adorable. I definitely hope you get time to finish this. I just love this style of drawing and you keep getting better and better!

    As for the game, I had not given feedback just yet. I wasn’t sure if it was my lack of “know how” or anything within the game — so my eldest has been given it a try too. The main thing was we couldn’t figure out how to pick up items. But sometimes we were able to, and sometimes not. I so love the graphics though. We will download again from the new link and keep playing. 🙂

    • Hey Les, pick up of items is automatic when you walk over them. But have only 3 slots, once they’re full, you have to drop them either on the spot or in your hut (hit F1 to get the help menu open) 🙂


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