Illustrations galore! A scribble picnic of umbrellas and scoops


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Well, unfortunately I didn’t make it in time for Wednesday’s ScribblePicnic, so I thought I would throw it in here with my Friday parties. ScribblePicnic is a fun art cooperative giving a weekly prompt and allowing for all kinds of art except photography (not sue about writing). Check out the details here. And a hill you’re at it also check out other participant’s entries. There are always are really fun and creative ones. This week’s theme was ‘umbrella’ -duh- obviously if you look at my contribution. I thought it would make d rather fun coloring page so I will be making it available for download here.

The other meme that I care across a few times, but have never participated in is Illustration Friday. As the name indicates this is for illustrations only. Each Friday there is a new prompt for the following oak. So I as uploading my version of ‘scoop’ just in time.

As almost always I will also be linking  with PPF and I all try any luck once again with the Friday Fill ins with McGuffy’s Reader and

I am aware these are  a lot of memes in one go, and trust me, I don’t have any intention of every Friday being so crowded, but… I hope you’ll enjoy.

  1. I hope phew, I don’t really know as we have not been watching many current tv series lately. Of course, there is always Firefly-sigh – gets renewed for another season.
  2. My first crush was well, let’s stick with tv for the moment: Richard Dean Anderson a.k.a. McGyver oh yeah!
  3. Spending time on Bonaire usually makes me very happy and relaxed. 
  4. If I were a super-hero, I would be Diane (of the 7 Deadly Sins). This was a tough one, because as much as I like superheroes and comics I couldn’t come up with one without the help of David




If I have time I will be linking with one or more of the fine people in this collection – check them out!

An illustration and coloring page with Micron pens

Scoop it. -Illustration Friday

From pencil and pen in my sketchbook to coloring digitally in Photoshop

18 thoughts on “Illustrations galore! A scribble picnic of umbrellas and scoops”

  1. I love your artwork. It is always impressive. Your answers were great, too. I had to laugh about Bonnaire “usually” making you happy and relaxed…except when you injure yourself! Take care of each other! HUGS!

  2. LOVE the scoop one!! That would be a lovely print for a kids room 🙂
    And yes, I sometimes have dreams that Firefly has been renewed ….. and then I wake up and the world is all gray and sad. But at least Taboo was renewed for a second season, so I do have something to look forward too! As much as I like superheroes, I actually have no idea which one I’d be?? I kinda want to invent my own — be an original. But you know, still with x-ray vision because that’s just cool.


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