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Good morning, All. You may have noticed that it has been a little quiet around here lately. Why was it quiet? Because I was on vacation on the lovely Caribbean island of Bonaire. We came back last night to snow and sleet around freezing point. That was way less lovely than what we had left behind. Sunny blue skies, turquoise water, sand…

I took this photo yesterday afternoon just after take-off. The brightly colored water is the bay we spend most of our time when we are on Bonaire, because it is windsurf haven. And along the reef to the open ocean you may also go snorkeling. Remember the octopus (minute 1:15 of the video) I saw there last year?

But last night reality had us back. Upon landing into Newark we saw the snow on the ground and actually it was snowing while we were landing.

So, here’s me wishing for a  speedy arrival of spring and summer in the US!

In other news, flying is always good for drawing on my iPad in ProCreate. I created this little star girl in traditional Japanese clothes on our flight to Bonaire. The speedpainting video is below 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!Cheers,



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Girl Star Illustration

Entirely drawn on my iPad Pro in ProCreate App

(Remember – you may always click on a single photo in the gallery to view it enlarged.)

12 thoughts on “Girl Star illustration”

  1. Hi, Claudia … love your drawing and amazed that you can pull traditional Japanese dress out of your head. I would surely have had to look it up. As always I enjoy your art and talent. Good for you, taking a vacation and what a beautiful place. Nice to hear from you again 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Don’t know if I could have walked out into the snow after that vacation. Might have headed right back to the ticket counter and booked the next flight back to Bonaire! But you made good use of the time with your illustration.

  3. Good morning and happy first day of spring! Watched your posts of your vacay and really enjoyed the comments and pictures. Here’s to warmer weather and more vacations! 🙂

  4. That video was fairly transfixing! So cool, Claudia!
    And I know so well – that flight into Newark from a sunny and warm place. It’s most of my life’s story! Although Bradley in Hartford isn’t much better now!

  5. You should see how incredibly stunning that photo is on my 17 inch HD monitor laptop — that actually just happened to be hooked up to my 48 inch HD TV when I opened the post. Like – whoa!! The colour of the water just leaped right out. It’s like 3D!!! Awesome. Love the girl, as always your drawings are so unique. As you can see, I am catching up on a lot of missed reading! 🙂


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