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Welcome to sARTurday – the Saturday art linkup


I got up this morning sporting a ‘wonderful’ headache.

I hate it when days start like that.

I hope it will not become a full grown migraine.

Keeping my fingers crossed. In the meantime – sit back, relax (in front of the fire) and art on.

Well, actually, there are still a few things computer I need to fix. The hardware change I talked about briefly yesterday went fairly well, however, this morning upon starting I got the nice message ‘you need to activate Windows’. Well, I tried multiple times, but it failed to activate. Now what?! It is too early and my head is too hurting to try and figure it out. Later.

Speaking about yesterday, I also asked this: How would you like a few more videos, time-lapsed or not about some of my creations? Maybe no answer means ‘no’, and it is o.k. if you prefer to see the finished piece only. You know, I might just do it anyhow, but don’t fear, that kind of filming will take so long that I don’t anticipate many (if any).

Back to sARTurday – I am not even sure what image I am going to share with you today… I know! How about the pencil sketch I did one evening last week. That is how I felt when I got off work and doing this drawing really helped me get back into a much happier mood.Cheers,



If I have time I will be linking with one or more of the fine people in this collection – check them out!

Manga ‘steaming’ me

drawn in pencil in my sketchbook

14 thoughts on “Computer, headaches, manga and sARTurday”

  1. First: I hope you feel better. I suffer migraines, so I really feel for you! On art…I enjoy seeing the processes your art goes through. Since I do not create visual art, the evolution of yours is amazing to me! You inspire. Hugs.

  2. Hope by now the headache is ancient history. And I vote for seeing the process, not just the finished pieces. If my writing is art, or not, almost all of what people see is part of the process. Writers often say no piece of writing is ever done– it’s just due. (I can’t leave my finished works alone, seeing a better phrase or idea.) Or we just need to get it off our plates and get on with life.

    More hugs, love and best wishes,

  3. Stress … we all seem to be feeling it in general … and then when you have one of “those days” at work, well what can you do? Well you can draw and capture the essence of your feelings. I, too, would love for you to share your process. It helps when one is trying to learn technique, even if my results don’t compare to yours, I still like trying. As for getting up with a headache, I do that if I haven’t had coffee the day before … bad huh? Caffeine is my biggest sin. Still drinking coffee even though it has an adverse effect on my blood pressure. One of these days, I keep telling myself … but then that brings me back to the headache. Hmmm … is that just an excuse? Well, anyway, I find Excedrin helps because it has caffeine in it and most headaches are related to the dilating of blood vessels. So give it a shot, if you haven’t already. Have a great weekend in front of the fireplace, relaxing and sketching 🙂

    andrea @ From The Sol

  4. Ugh – waking up to someone pounding on your skull – I can relate!! When I was so tired all last week, that’s what every morning was like. Which is why I wasn’t around much. Thank goodness that is over – hope yours went quickly too. I love seeing the videos – watching you create the lines in a drawing has helped me learn some steps. I’ll not likely be as good ever, but at least I can manage the image I want for my journal. I like this one — she looks like she might have a bit of sass! 🙂

  5. I love it. It reminds me of my years spent studying Japanese language and culture.
    I don’t get migraines but occasionally I wake up with a headache when I’m dehydrated. It’s such a bummer to START a day like that!


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