Creating a game – day 2

Welcome to my s~A(R)T~urday linky party – today: Creating a game.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

~ Pablo Picasso ~

Week #4 of AEDM (Art Every Day Month) over at Creative Every Day is coming to an end with the month of November almost behind us. Just a few more days to get creative each day this month. And we have been creative for day 2 (here are day 1 and day 0) of our game making weekend. But, I have to say we ran into a few issues today.

First off, my personal recurring issue: Migraine. Thankfully a somewhat minor case, but still it hindered my creative juices quite a bit today. David, on the other hand, started working on the code immediately after breakfast until now, 7:30 pm, when we both decided a little exercise might do us good, you know. Anyway, he had a few problems to solve, but since I have got no idea about gaming code, I better let him explain his progress. Here he goes…

Imagine if you will… braving the most terrifying of dungeons… fighting your way through untold horrors… to claim… the ultimate treasure. And then misplacing it. How embarrassing! So as you can see developing a robust inventory management system, although not precisely sexy, is rather important. And that’s what I spent most of the day doing. Our heroic witch can now gather herbs and other ingredients, take them home, and store them securely in her nice, organized larder. Claudia did a smashing job drawing the larder, the basket, and a nifty cauldron… a cauldron which aside from looking cool, is rather non-functional at this point. Tomorrow, tomorrow! Yes, tomorrow we will finish up the inventory system, develop a home brewing system, and perhaps a moodier background for her haunted forest. But we didn’t want to leave you completely clueless, so here is one screenshot of ‘the witch’s shop:

Game, coding, witch, drawing

And, I couldn’t help it, but for those not into game development at all, I will leave you with another long exposure iPhone shot, this time converted to black and white. I really like the minimalism of these shots.

Have a great weekend!

long exposure, motionblur, black white

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23 thoughts on “Creating a game – day 2”

  1. You and David are definitely made for each other. I am both impressed and intrigued by what you are creating together. I loved your witch art, so to see it come alive is truly amazing! I can hardly wait to see what is next!

    • Thank you so much, Annie. I guess, I won’t argue about David and I :). We are currently, 7 pm Sunday night, still working on it. But, as you can see, I am now also answering blog comments. The game is playable, but far from finished. We’ll update later tonight.

  2. However did you manage a long exposure with the iPhone? I love the way it looks. I’d put it in a black frame and hang it up. Hope you are feeling better today and have fun working on the game.

    • Well, technical terms – it is still called ‘long exposure’ even though technically you cannot keep the aperture open long(er than…). But there are apps out there, I am using Slowshutter and LongExposure Pro for this. It takes some practicing and a lot of blaaah shots, but it is fun. Just like working on the game with hubby. But arguments did happen – hahaha.

  3. I’ve never been into gaming but it’s amazing how much time and effort goes into just being able to keep things together. The photo at the end is fab too, I love how in black and white it looks so spooky and mysterious.

  4. Okay I don’t want to rush you or add to the pressure…. but OMG I need to play this game!! LOL This looks seriously fun, and I think even my kids would love it because it has the Harry Potter vibe kinda.
    The shot is awesome!! I love the minimalist aspect too. It somehow manages to look both welcoming, and a little bit eerie. Like some magic pull will take you there, even though you have chills down your spine! 🙂


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