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Welcome to Tuesday on my blog

No robot apocalypse today, but I am currently flying high on caffeine. Not having slept well made me get up early, which in turn resulted in this post. And coffee. So, please, it is still early, don’t expect any wise words from me at this moment. Rather, I will take the opportunity and join some of my favorite weekly memes – you’ll see there buttons up there on top of this post.

First up, because, in all honesty it is way too late, but I’ll do it anyhow – the Friendly Fill ins:

  1. Not sleeping makes me feel old.
  2. Sleeping? hahaha – makes me feel young. No, I guess any of the sports I do when I do them make me feel young, as does, weirdly enough, making art…
  3. I have no idea what to fill into this blank space.
  4. To have a new President is always a challenge. Not saying anything else…

Next up is the Tuesday Coffee Chat, where Leslie would like us to chat about anything we’re looking forward to in 2017.

Hmm, let me think… it would certainly be nice if David found his dream job, but until then he’ll be happy doing his game coding and creative writing. What else? Definitely looking forward to our yearly vacation on Bonaire in a month or so. The Caribbean, windsurfing, sun, snorkeling – yep, I definitely look forward to that. And I am, of course, looking forward to making and creating much more art. Otherwise, there are no big plans for 2017.

And last, but not least, today is T-day and just for that purpose I have taken the below photos in the wee hours of this day. This is my second favorite coffee mug. Bought, oh my, 22 years ago in Melbourne Australia – how time flies… I do have a matching second one with dolphins on it, which is my favorite one. I’ll show you that one another day. I placed it in my little creative corner in our house, where, as you can see, I am painting and arting. Please forgive the coffee smudge on the mug, I must have been desperate and slurped some before I could take the photo. Or, *gasp*, maybe it was even yesterday’s mug – oh no!!

Well, that’s it for now. I told you not expect anything philosophical from me today. Have a wonderful Tuesday!Cheers,



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19 thoughts on “A peek into my creative corner and some weekly memes”

  1. For someone who does so much digital art, your paint and ink section looks awesome. I would love that mug, too. It’s a gem. I can see why it’s a favorite. I would take it over the dolphin, I think, because I’ve been on several Whale Watches in CA. Yes, that deserved capitals.

    I can’t survive without coffee, so I am in love with the photo you took. It’s a gem. Thanks for sharing it with us for T this Tuesday. And thanks for joining in the fun.

  2. Your 2017 plans sound wonderful, especially the windsurfing and snorkeling in the Caribbean :-). Sorry to hear you’re not sleeping much, your craft space looks ideal for late night or early morning creativity though and dolphins mug is adorable – Happy T Day! J 🙂

  3. Great post Claudia. I think many of us have days , and nights like yours. That is a lovely mug and how wonderful to be thinking about your upcoming trip to the Caribbean. Nothing like that to inspire:) Happy T day!

  4. Well, good morning, I see you started way before me! Last night I finally HAD and GOOD nights sleep and woke up to sun shine after 5 straight days of rain! It’s going to be a great day!
    I do like your mug, drips and all, and seeing your creative space was nice.
    Happy T-day….I really enjoyed your post.

  5. What a nice space to spread out and make art. Ally has a nice art desk I got her with a table top that tilts and drawers for storage and still her supplies end up all over the house. I guess it’s her artistic temperament. 🙂 Great mug!

  6. Gosh, you are up early! I enjoyed getting a glimpse of your art space. The mug is lovely.
    Bonaire! I nearly got to live there. The boyfriend I had before my husband, wsa in real estate and had bought a villa there where he wanted to take me to live. I’m sure you have a lovely time.
    Happy T-Day,

  7. I need a creative corner of my own! I am usually sitting on my bed, or my couch because we literally do not have an available desk in this house. Well, there is one, but a doll house is sitting on it. LOL I often feel that I could do a lot more if either hiding in my bedroom, or out in the middle of all the action with kids and the distractions that come with them. But it what it is and that’s why coffee is important!! 🙂
    I rarely wash my favourite cup. It just gets rinsed out. that’s so terrible isn’t it? Ha.

  8. Your space is much more organized than mine! And I cannot believe your mug is 22 years old! I can’t seem to keep any of mine for more than a couple of years and most of them have chips on the rims and bottoms! LOL

  9. Claudia, not getting enough sleep makes me not only feel old but turns me into a Grumpy CAThy. 🙂 Oh, yes doing artist stuff makes me feel fresh and youthful – alive! I’m drawing more these days. Nothing fancy as yours but just enough to sense that creative spike waiting to go another step. I hope to share soon some special occasion greeting cards that drew the artwork for after finding inspiration on the net. Have a good week, my friend!

  10. This was a fun post to read. I love seeing your creative space. It sounds like 2017 will be a fun and productive year. Now go take a nap, Claudia 😉 Happy T Day! Eileen

  11. First, what is T-Day? And I feel ya about the sleeping. I’m up late these days too – and I mean like in the wee hours of the morning… blah. Anyway, I hope you get some sleep soon. Definitely that vacation wil do you a world of wonder. I’m looking forward to seeing your photos from there!

  12. sorry to hear of your insomnia…but you might as well get up and do something creative! hope it improves…I don’t dare drink any caffeine past noon! love the photo of your creative space and the cute mug you shared. Enjoy your fun writing style too! happy T day a bit late!

  13. Our creative corners are used by the cats. *wink* Actually, Bill is a guitar player, so he has musical things in areas, too. My writing is pretty contained. I am glad you joined us. You are welcome anytime. I am sick with a severe cold, so struggling a bit. Hugs.


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