David’s next fiction short story finally revealed

songographyBut first – Kathy’s You’ll-shoot-your-eyes-out Song-ography moved from Sunday to Tuesday. Well, not sure if I can keep up with that much change – LOL. Very fittingly this week’s song is “Landslide” – Fleetwood Mac (Stevie Nicks). I picked a very tiny part of the song to come up with a picture ‘… and I saw my reflection…’, so here is my reflection. Taken the other weekend at the local, but big antique car show. You can find more photos of old beauties here.

Antique car & reflection
And guess what else? It has finally happened. David and I have collaborated on a combined story, picture blogpost. Well, actually it is going to be a series of posts, a long fiction short story, because David has too much to say and I have too many pictures to show. Did you expect anything else? To give you a little taste, here is an excerpt, you can find the complete 1st part of The Miltonville Mine Mystery on David’s blog by clicking here.

One week till the summer ends, Big City Buildingsand I have to go back to school. One more week to play down by the creek, and sneak out to the old mines when Pa isn’t watching. One more week with no homework.

Pa says school’s important, he says you need to be educated to get a good job. A job like he has. But I think Pa has the dullest job I can imagine. He runs the telegraph office the next town over. I saw his office a few times. Lots of desks, papers, and people pushing buttons on an electrical gadget all day. Duller than ditchwater if you ask me.

My buddy Sammie’s Pa has a better job – he works the general store in town. There’s always something new and interesting at the general store. Sammie’s real name is Samantha, but nobody calls her that or she’ll slug ‘em good. Sammie’s always getting in trouble, and my Pa says she’s not very ladylike. But I think being ladylike sounds dull too, so Sammie and I have always been friends.

We live in a small town in the middle of dull.

Want to read more? Come on, I know you do. I do. I want to know how the story evolves. Click on over and read it on David’s website and be sure to let us know what you think.


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8 thoughts on “David’s next fiction short story finally revealed”

    • Yes, reflections is definitely one of the things I can hardly ever get enough of. There’s a few others, too, but reflection – oh yes!
      Thank you, Tamar, I’m happy you liked it, it’s a start.

  1. I’m a bit of a hit-and-run this week, but really, really want to (and plan on) coming back to read more of your collaborative story. Photographing cars can be a challenge until you embrace it and just have fun – this is a fun shot (digging that sky reflection).

    • Thanks, Nicki. I know the feeling ‘being hit-and-run. I agree about cars, they are quite fascinating, especially old one with all there shiny metal and reflecting surfaces.

      p.s. I really hope that you can swing by David’s post and leave a comment for him 🙂


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