8 thoughts on “Day 120 – Flood”

  1. oh dear! Ours is way over it’s banks too.
    If this rain would stop, I’d go get a few pictures. but since we have a dam on ours, you have to be very, very careful.
    If they open the dam doors….. FLASH FLOOD — and you don’t want to get caught down on the riverbank. there’s a small island in the middle and I hear from others that it is under water. just the tops of the trees can be seen.

  2. Wow. That looks pretty deep. We had lots of rain and some flooding in our neck of the woods but I think its all pretty much gone away now. Hope you shot your raindrops!

    • It really is amazing, how much that shallow little river swells with a just a little rain. And yesterday we had a lot! It is mostly gone, I went back today and got a few more shots, but the flooded parts have mostly vanished.
      Unfortunately I did not get to shoot raindrops 🙁 I saw them – when I went to work – sigh.


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