Spring blossoms – close up

I think I have got a new love!!! O.k. more like a new toy. I know, I know ‘again?!’. But really, can one ever have enough toys? And as you know me, my toys usually consist of some kind of electronics in 90 % of the case. Same this time. I got a new lens. The only lens that I have been kind of missing in my quiver. A macro lens, and portrait at the same time. Some may say that it is not 100 % a macro lens, but it is way macro enough for me, because I do not need to see every bug’s eye. I do find those ‘bug eye’ photos quite fascinating, but I don’t have any ambition joining that special guild of macro photographers. But a real good close up – that I like. Any time.

So, here are my very first pictures I took with my new Makro 100mm f/2. The tulips and the ‘grapes turning to raisins’ were about my first photos, taken inside. But then I could not wait. And despite the less than perfect weather, I took the lens outside. To shoot blossoms. As you will see the photos are not perfect, but in my own defense it was a little windy. Which does not lend itself to macro photography or blossoms. But I just couldn’t wait to try out my new baby. Just look at the wonderful shallow depth of field. All photos are shot wide open on purpose and have only undergone very basic editing. For the most part not even sharpening. I think this lens is fantastic. What do you think? Do you own a macro lens? Do you dabble in close ups?

To see some more wonderful photography please follow this link to Kay, being next in line of our Sisterhood Stories Circle, please check out her fabulous photos at Kay Maguire Photography.

tulip, macro

 grapes, raisins, macro cherry, blossoms, pink, bokeh

cherry, blossoms, pink, bokeh cherry, blossoms, pink

cherry, blossoms, pink, bokeh

magnolia, blossoms, white, bokeh

apple, blossoms, white, bokeh


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10 thoughts on “Spring blossoms – close up”

  1. That is the best feeling when your new lens arrives!! These are so pretty I love the combination of sharp & dreamy . Great shots Claudia!! I can’t wait to see more of these:)

    • I really think I have had that feeling for the last time, there is really no need for another one. Then again, you just never know, right?! I already took more shots today, sometimes you just cannot stop and then… nothing. I am sure you will see more of these around, because I just love shooting with a shallow dof.

  2. can’t believe I missed all this gorgeousness! my email was a bit crazy this week – some things I got twice, others not at all!
    I love the macro shots — it’s one of the things I am really fascinated with. maybe because I have bad eyesight myself so anytime I can see a shot of such exquisite detail as those blossoms: I get all full of joy and wonder.
    I think the lens that came with my camera does some “macro” — it has a Close Up setting; but I don’t think it’s a true macro lens. I can get pretty close, but definitely not a bug’s eye like you say.

    Although….it is my birthday soon, so ya never know!! LOL
    (since I already got the telephoto – I think I am being a bit greedy perhaps. ha)
    I think my next thing really has to be an external flash (is that what you call it?). and one that I can use remotely.

    • Emails or computers do seem to have a life of their own – at times 🙂 Your lens might well have a macro setting. I know that one of my previous ones, with a film camera had one. Ever since I went digital I didn’t – until now.
      You know what they say, Les – unless you ask, you will never get! Not 100 % true, but a lot.
      An off-camera flash is what you call it, technically, but – whatever. Yeah, that does produce nice pictures, however – you need to set them up, so no quickie or snapshot 🙂

  3. I love these Claudia! You will have a lot of fun with this lens 🙂 I sure loved my macro from the first shot I took with it, and the love affair isn’t over yet…

  4. Oh no! This isn’t fair! I was quite happy without a macro lens and now you show me these! They are all wonderful – and now I need a macro of my own! xx


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