Day 26 – a shroom in bloom

This morning somebody was not happy detecting this little guy. Somebody also did not want me to take a photo of it. But I thought it was so cute and fuzzy. So I took a couple of shots and processed them to show them to you. I bet somebody is also not happy about that.:-) #dpgram #abstract #dp365 #dp26

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5 thoughts on “Day 26 – a shroom in bloom”

    • Oh boy, I think I need to stop these abstracts… but sometimes I just love the possibilities of processing – the things you can do. Would you believe me if I say that this is mold (aka shroom) on an English muffin?

  1. what is it? it looks like a dandelion almost, but clearly the title says “shroom”.
    can a mushroom grow in the snow?
    It’s still a very cool soft because of the juxtaposition of hard, cold ice…and then what looks like a soft, delicate bloom.

    • Dandelion! Exactly what I was thinking of when I saw it. And why I was thinking it looked beautiful – in all it’s ugliness. I am starting to feel really bad here now, leading you nice guys all in the wrong direction with my processing – although I admit, it is fun! – Like I said to Debbi: Would you believe this is mold (aka shroom) on an English muffin? I can show you proof if you don’t


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