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Dew Drops & a Quote

Dew Drops & a Quote

songographyI am having very much a slack day Sunday today. But, hey, it is Sunday, the resting day. Therefore I will also have an extremely short post today for Kathy’s You’ll-shoot-your-eyes-out Song-ography. The song this week is Passenger’s “Keep on Walking”.

“Well I walked into the morning and felt the warm sunlight forming on my shoulders…”

I took this photo right after a morning jiggy-jog, when I got home, grabbed my camera and went back. Because the early morning sunlight cast a beautiful light on lots and lots of dew drops on dandelions and other blossoms and leaves of all shapes. This is the one I selected to go along with another typography quote:

Dew Drops Macro

And with thist I will leave you until next Sunday for another round of Song-ography.

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  • Jackie

    What a lovely photo!!

  • Kathy

    I’m so glad you “jiggy jogged” (I totally love that expression, by the way!) and noticed the beauty those dew drops were creating! Something like this, goes by unnoticed so often unfortunately. Thanks for linking up to Song-ography…and I hope you enjoyed the rest of your slack day 🙂

    • Claudia Willison

      Hahaha – jiggy-jog is David’s creation, at least that is how I got to know it 😉 I totally notice everything when I am – ahem – jiggy-jogging. I mean there is nothing much to do, so my eyes wander, sometimes even my mind.

  • Debbi Decker

    I love it. At first glance it looked like ice crystals to me. Very well done. Now. Again I see something in the pic. On the right hand side of the flower, if you look closely you can see a Venetian Mask. Sideways view. Well you know me….

  • Rorybore

    so perfect! love it and the quote.
    I am having a lazy Monday. Well, if you count editing my own photos while doing 4 loads of laundry lazy. 🙂

    • Claudia Willison

      Well, I wouldn’t say that is a lazy, lazy Monday, not with that amount of laundry going. And editing, while fun, can be (a lot of) work on its own.

  • Tamara

    It’s gorgeous! None of my lenses would do that, but some of the ones on my wishlist might.
    The quote is perfect.

    • Claudia Willison

      Thank you very much, Tamara. You probably don’t know since you have been visiting only since a short time, but I only got this (mostly) macro lens about a month ago. Until then – no macros from me. A lot of trial and error, but some of the pics – just make me happy. Like this one here 🙂
      This one was the beginning of it http://www.imagesbycw.com/raindrop-photos/

  • Lady Lilith

    Nice. The dew drops look like little gems. So nice and sparkly.

  • Molly

    Wow, that is one truly amazing shot!


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