Some magical light

coffeechatToday Les’ – Time out for Mom’s prompt for our Tuesday Coffee Chat is: How to woo you? What special things does your partner do to flirt, or romance you?

Uh oh, I am probably not the most romantic person on Earth. In fact, David can be much more romantic than I. Which personally I think this is a good thing. He puts a lot of thought into everything he does. And my favorite thing that David still does after being together for more than 10 years, is the fact that he surprises me. With gifts, small or big, a little something here or there, flowers to the office (NOT on Valentine’s Day!) or a weekend getaway. And he succeeds. Oh, and small or big, depending on the weekday it falls on: Breakfast in bed with a candle (!) on my birthday. And the best thing? To see the smile lighting up his face when he knows that he made me happy.

This here is the latest flower he got, for me. I have been bugging him for a while that I wanted something blooming for our little balcony. Not a practical flower like a herb. Which I love, but something just looking pretty. And knowing that I love purple he got this one.


Oh, and he also makes breakfast every Saturday and Sunday, while I am… doing other things, my things. And during last Sunday’s breakfast the sun was shining a little magical light on the leaves surrounding us.


What’s not to love about all this and who needs more romancing than this?! Not me! 🙂

p.s. I haven’t even mentioned the ‘taking care part’. Caring for and about me, what I do, what I think and making sure WE are doing lots of things together. Because: Together we are strong! Together life is good. (hehehe – part of our wedding vows)

pps. And by the way, David now has his own website and blog, where he writes about building a little robot, 3D printing and eventually his writing. Check out his latest post here.

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6 thoughts on “Some magical light”

  1. Sounds wonderful. My husband is definitely full of surprises. This was probably before your time because we’re new readers to each other, but he came home with.. a puppy.. two months ago. Holy cow was I surprised.
    Luckily his instincts are dead-on. She’s wonderful and not a cause of much stress at all.
    I told him I would have been happy with a pint of ice cream from my favorite ice cream place!

    • Yes, it was, I haven’t seen your puppy yet. Where are the photos?! Gotta go and search on your blog now. Puppies are just the cutest, well, I guess all babies 😉 I bet you were surprised. And you had no idea?! Wow – I don’t think David would dare such a surprise – LOL – good thing it worked for you.
      I know it truly is the little things though, isn’t it. One thing I love is when we meet for lunch – we both work full time, but every now and then we take a long lunch break and meet – love it!

  2. I love being surprised — Left Brain is not always the best at surprises (I think the over thinking left brain often gets in the way), BUT the thought is always there. and effort. Which totally counts even if he does miss the mark sometimes.
    But caring for one another – in all the little and big ways — that IS the ticket. 🙂
    And I love your purple flower.

    • Seriously, our hubbys sound a lot alike. David also tends to overthink things, which is usually when I intervene, being a bit more impulsive 🙂 And you are right, sometimes the surprise does not quite work out, a lot of times though, because he had something specific on his mind and then couldn’t get it to work, for whatever reason.
      The flower – that reminds me, gotta check if there are some photogenic drops on it from the thunderstorm that just passed through.


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