Simple, Funny Digital Drawings seem to be my calling

  Welcome to my s~A(R)T~urday linky party – today:  Digital Drawings

The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work. ~ Émile Zola ~

es, I have been drawing again, a little. Actually, mostly I have been sketching with graphite pencil, practicing faces, bodies and parts in my journal. Some time along the way I longed for color. So, I grabbed my iPad Sketchbook and did the girl drawing.

I really am drawn to the minimalist style of comics, manga. But, let’s just say – it is not as simple as it looks. But that’s they way with everything.

The other drawing, we call him ‘Mr. Proper’, is a few weeks old. He saw the light of day in about 30000 feet above earth. Yep, I drew him while sitting in the plane on our way to Bonaire. It really just is a fun sketch I did on the iPad, which I then filled with color. At that point I was actually getting used to Sketchbook  and trying out some features. In the end Mr. Proper grinned at us. Well, I call him Mr. Proper, David prefers ‘The Joker’ – hahaha. Whatever, just a fun sketch I decided to share with you today.

I am hoping to be doing some more drawing or even painting this weekend. But, then again, you just never know. At the moment I seem to be in need of a lot, and I mean a LOT, of downtime. As in – not doing anything. That’s o.k. though. We have to listen to ourselves to feel and be our best.

Here’s to the weekend – enjoy it!




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14 thoughts on “Simple, Funny Digital Drawings seem to be my calling”

  1. Up at pre-dawn hours on Saturday and Mr. Proper brought a smile to my face. He is quite strange. Thanks for the smile and now I must get ready for work! Hope you DO take your down time.

  2. Hi Claudia, thanks for linking up with the new linkup. I´m not calling it meme any more. Running an artmeme these days is hard. I had been working on the old one for 190 weeks on Image Workshop, still there was only three the last couple of weeks that could be called art. Earlier there was several other memes with at least 75 people each week that was linking up. Now they are all gone as well. I started The creative Playroom on my main blog as I have a few more followers there, hoping that they might linkup, and I deleted the word “digital”. But I mainly keep it so I will have a reason to continue my own art. I would be happy if you would continue to be linking up. I will run it for a few months to see if it works better this way.

    • Hi Monica, I know how few participants can bring one down, however, you got the important thing right: Do it for your own art! I am constantly reminding myself of that one, too. I hope you will continue to post you meme, linkup, whatever 🙂 and I will try and do the same.

  3. Well she has a ornery twinkle in her eye … but Mr.Proper, I don’t know. I might call him Mr.Strange or even Mr. Scary. That is not to say I judge who he is without knowing him, it is just a first impression thing that we all must get over if we are to broaden our horizons.
    I don’t have much luck with digital drawing so I admire your abilities greatly. Like you, I always need down time after a vacation … the vacation you took to recoup from the daily humdrum of life, now needs to be recouped from 🙂 Seems to be the case every time 🙂 Have a lovely, relaxing weekend, Claudia …

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    • Don’t worry about your first impression, Andrea, I am totally with you. He started out as the Mr. Proper (cleaning stuff), but then – he turned all scary on me, too. Hahaha – needing a vacation to recoup from vacation – I like it!

  4. Wonderfully done digital portrait art ~ it is always great when you hit upon something you really like to do ~ it shows!

    Wishing you peace in each day ~ ^_^

  5. I really like the minimalist look too. Well really, I love all kinds of drawing because it is something I just can never do, so I am in constant amazement of anyone with such a skill. It may not be easy, but artists like you seem to make it look easy. Mr Popper!! I can totally see him “popping” up somewhere in your witches game!! Maybe guarding a hut in the forest? Ohhh, the possibilities. 🙂

    • Bwahahaha – Mr. Popper – that’s something else! I can assure you he will not make an appearance in this witch game, but who knows what the future holds.
      I really do not regard myself as good in drawing, actually rather bad.
      But the thing is – there will always be people much, much better than you are. But you will also be much, much better than other ones.


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