DIY project: The shower

Our DIY project: The shower – day #3.

tiles, broken, rubbleTuesday I told you that I had divider, shower, tub, tiles, greenboarddiscovered that the divider between the shower stall and the tub was very wet. After consulting with David we agreed that we best take down at least the top tiling to see how bad it is. So, on Wednesday I had another go at the panels and metal tracks attached to the tiles and was pretty happy that I got everything off. Except for that cussed screw in the corner. I had tried: WD40 repeatedly from every possible angle, normal screw driver, electrical screwdriver, impact hammer – no luck! But in the evening David came to the rescue. After a few more non successful tries, the screw gave in – YEAH! That meant that yesterday I could take down the remaining metal track and start on the tiling.

greenboard, disintegrationWhich was rather easy, because it was so wet tiles, broken, rubblunderneath that the greenboard totally came apart. It looked like cardboard separating into different sheets. And it smelled… very unpleasantly. Whining does not help so I went ahead and hammered a little here and a little there and an hour or so later – it looked like a mess! Bye, bye nice bathroom. But see for yourself, these photos show the rubble I took off so far.

greenboard, remnants

When David got home and I showed him we both agreed that we would better do this the whole way. That means that I will take down all the tiles from that dividing wall to see what is underneath. And depending on what we find, we will either rebuild and retile it, with differently colored tiles, of course (you have got to have color in your life!), or we had another idea. If we have to take down the wall anyhow, why not install glass blocks?

wood, greenboard, divider, shower, tub
Since two of my nieces are visiting from Germany, flying in tonight – Yippie!, we will most likely not have any time this coming week, but I will keep you posted thereafter.
tools, hammer, chisel, tiles, greenboardThe next few days will see us out and about. Most likely in NYC, in the country, maybe Delaware Water Gap and the Jersey shore. And we are all looking forward to this!

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