Drawing & Doodling – AEDM week #3

Welcome to my s~A(R)T~urday linky party – today: Drawing & Doodling.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

~ Pablo Picasso ~

Week #3 of AEDM (Art Every Day Month) over at Creative Every Day is already behind us and in the US we are getting ready for Thanksgiving. I either handlettered or drew and doodled every day, sometimes very  small and sometimes bigger. But at least I created a few pieces. You will find them below – in chronological order:

Saturday/Sunday in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris:

france, paris, liberte, egalite, fraternite

November 16 – hand lettering ‘Never give up’

handlettering, never give up

November 17 – doodling – ‘Starry night’, this started with the prompt ‘fairytale’, but I didn’t finish that one, so it morphed into this: From ‘fairytale’ to ‘starry night’ to ‘do hard things’:

fairytale, starry night, drawing

November 18 – handlettering – ‘Do hard things’ aaaand it was National Zinfandel Day 2015 🙂

handlettering, doodling, do hard things

zinfandel, wine, red

November 19 – doodling – ‘Polka Dots’, found my way back to faces and watercolor/india ink:

drawing, anime, polka dots

And that’s all, folks. I’m going to keep it brief today. Have a good weekend!

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Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. 

While they are deciding, make even more art.” 

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21 thoughts on “Drawing & Doodling – AEDM week #3”

  1. Guten Morgen, liebe Claudia,
    die Dame mit der Schleife macht auf mich einen sehr ausgeglichenen Eindruck. Schön, dass Du Dir jetzt so treu bist.
    Und ich freue mich auf jeden Samstagmorgen! Eine gute Woche, herzlich Petra-Pippa

    • Guten Morgen auch, Petra. Ja, ‘sie’ ist sehr androgyn, urpsrünglich sollte es ein Mann/Junge sein, aber je mehr ich malte und schaute, wurde er weiblich – LOL
      Treu? Du meinst, weil ich momentan so viele gemalte Bilder zeige? Das kann sich aber ganz schnell wieder ändern und dann bin ich wieder bei der Foto Art 🙂

  2. I had no clue it was National Zinfandel day! I’m now bummed that I missed it. Dang it. Will just have to make up for it lol! It’s a lovely collection of doodles – thank you for sharing them with us! I hope your work week flies by and that Wednesday afternoon brings an opportunity to enjoy the holiday 😉

    • Haha – I only knew, because I got a newsletter from a vineyard we visitied when we were in California. And they are known for their wonderful Zinfandels. I am sure you will have ample opportunity this coming week to ‘make up for it’ 🙂
      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Jen.

  3. I love the fairytale one. All your doodling inspired me to do try this adult colouring thing, but I didn’t have any books or anything — and then, I went to my volunteer job at the community centre and guess what the people from the group home were doing? Colouring!! So I grabbed a coffee, sat down with them and had some good ole time colouring fun! I took some pics of the “art” – but I got 3 kids on my every last nerve today, and one just starting to feel better from being sick, so I might be a bit later tonight.
    More coluring might happen to get me back to that Zen place! 🙂

    • The fairytale one is really – personally- an interesting one. Because it really started as very rough sketch a night I had to wait for David, at his work, because he had no car. I didn’t like the sketch. The next day I drew a little more. And a little more. Then did something else, Then came back to this one and added the ‘starry night’ etc. etc. It totally evolved, which is interesting. But I am still not sure if I really like it 🙂

  4. It has been a hard week in the news and I am sure it has affected us all in ways we are not aware of yet. I liked the progression here through your week! I miss Germany’s wines and the way each region had a different kind of flavor. We can get German wines here now (which we could not when I first got back stateside) but it is nothing like what I remember. Perhaps the setting is important to the experience as well?

    • Oh yes, it has been. And it really is interesting that you see the progression in the pictures. Because when I drew them one by one, I had no idea, but when I put them in chronological order for this post, I saw it, too.
      Ambience always adds to experience, especially in ‘local’ foods. I just bought a German dry (!) Riesling from a vineyard that we lived next to, so I am definitely looking forward to trying that. I hope it didn’t suffer from the transport.

  5. What! I missed National Zinfandel Day?!?! Oh well then, I shared some Riesling with you instead. LOL, I love your polka dot tie doodle. Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Hahaha – yes, you did, Lowanda. Yes, I saw the Riesling, what a beautiful bottle. And it is even better that you like the wine. I myself prefer dry wines, but everyone to their own liking.
      Have a great Thanksgiving, too.


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