Welcome to my s~A(R)T~urday linky party – today: Summer

“The goal of life: simple, but not empty.”

~ Terri Guillemets ~


Did you see? I got a new quote. While browsing through quotes to find something that feels right for me this morning I stumbled across several quotes by Terri Guillemets, a U.S. Quotation Anthologist. I don’t know yet if all of the quotes are her sayings or if they were collected by Terri. But in the end it does not matter. What matters is that they spoke to me.

I was actually looking for a summer related quote and here is the one that grabbed my attention:

Hey! It’s summer! Be free and happy and danceful and uninhibited and now-y!

It sucked me in to Terri’s beautiful words and I found her website and read on. And I’d like to share a few more with you:

Life is amazingly good when it’s simple and amazingly simple when it’s good.

Again, not much to say about this, but – totally right!

Jealousy hyphenates love in all the wrong places.

Hmm, true, isn’t it?!

Guilt is always hungry, don’t let it consume you.

It sure is and, no, do not let it!

If I had to sum up friendship in one word, it would be comfort.

Friends are the essence.

Chase down your passion like it’s the last bus of the night.

A long, long time ago I hated chasing the schoolbus, but this is different 🙂

And here’s another couple of good ones that are resonating with me right here, right now – quite a bit actually:

Give your stress wings and let it fly away.

Life is rough. If it were smooth, we’d probably slide right through it without noticing. A bumpy ride teaches us gratitude and perspective.

Well, I guess I have to put that a little bit into perspective. My life is not rough. I don’t have any hardship like hunger, lack of shelter etc. However, it feels like the past year or so has been a constant and fairly extreme of ups and downs. You may say ‘at least there are ups’ and you are right! Hence, you will not hear me complaining (much). I have felt a lot of stress and I am trying to ‘let if fly away’ by means of meditation and work outs and creating art, of course.

Since I am not able to cut back on the stress of my daytime job at this point, I decided to take a summer break from my sA(R)Turday link up. Don’t worry, it is not gone for good! I love our small, but fine community too much. Yet, I think we all deserve a summer break.

Let’s enjoy summer while it is here!

I am sure you will continue to be creating beautiful things, as will I. Well, at least I will try. Throughout summer I will still continue to post here and naturally you are more then welcome to visit, comment and I will make sure that, while maybe not right away, I will check out your latest and greatest.

And then, when summer ends the link up will be back and I hope that you will share our creations here with us again. When I re-start the link up, I will send an email to all past participants, so you won’t miss it. Just be sure that I have your best email.

Now it is time for something creative. A few weeks back I mentioned that I was working on a little comic strip and I am happy to say that I have almost finished it. It is time to reveal another picture. And for the grand final of all pictures, please visit back on Tuesday.

Thanks for stopping by, please link up your creative work below aaaaand –  and don’t forget to live and enjoy this summer!



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