Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun Blog Hop | week 90

We all know the internet is a huge virtual space populated by real people’sRockefeller, Tree Lighting, 2012, Christmas, xmas information, insights and experiences. It is so big that more often than not it seems very difficult and / or time consuming to find what you want. I am constantly looking for something to enhance my blog, my networking, my writing and, of course, my photography, too. A great way to doing some of these things is one or more of the weekly blog hops. Also called ‘linky’ or ‘link ups’.

Surfing through the internet I came across this blog’s link up: Feeling Beachie. What a great name! You know me and how much I love the ocean and the beach. So, naturally I was curious and checked out the blog a little. Which is when I found Hilary’s Friday blog hop ‘four fill in’. So, while I am waiting to calibrate my new monitor on Monday enabling me to show you more of my photos, you will get four random thoughts or facts by me today.

1. I usually don’t diet but never say never! (Watch out for a new guest post by David)

2. I was named Claudia because or rather after Claudia Cardinale (child of the 60s).

3. I would never change anything about my body (surgically), but I would (and did) change my hair color from time to time.

4. The last time I said “I Love You” was to my hubby, of course!!

p.s. I just couldn’t do a post with no photo at all 😉 since it is the Season, I added the (previously edited) Rockefeller Christmas Tree photo I took during the Treelighting ceremony this year, from right underneath it 🙂

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This is my first contribution today to Hilary’s Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun Blog Hop. If you have a moment please visit her website and check out other participant’s answers.


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4 thoughts on “Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun Blog Hop | week 90”

  1. Thanks so much for joining the hop… I am following you on twitter….

    I don’t think I would surgically change my body either, but I am not opposed to the idea of botox either…

  2. Hey Claudia–Like the Rockefeller tree! I’m not so sure I wouldn’t do a little lip-filler and jowl -lift…LOL! Thanks for the Friday Fill-in blog hop…I’ll have to check it out myself! Happy Holidays!

    • Hi Loy, thanks, it was my first one-on-one with THE tree 😉 Lip-filler and jowl-lift… hmm… naaah – LOL. Maybe see you on Friday…


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