Rockefeller Treelighting 2014

Rockefeller Tree Lighting 2014

My pictures of this year’s performers during the Rockefeller Tree Lighting ceremony. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and happy Holidays! _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ I would never say never. Maybe. Probably. Do you always send Christmas cards? I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday Realizing how old I really am makes me kind of sad. Often. Sometimes. Why don’t you …

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Rockefeller Tree 2014

Visit NYC anytime

‘Tis the season to visit NYC (as you may realize towards the end of my slideshow) It took me too long to compile this, so I am only linking up with Hilary and Adrienne today . _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Sometimes I think I will never find a place to settle down for good. Do you love art as much as I …

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storm, clouds

Vacation – on the road

Over the bridge, through the tunnel crossing the border, escaping the storm. Not soon enough we will enjoy – vacation time again. Crossing my fingers! Not all of these photos were taken recently. Some are ‘older’ ones from our various trips to the Outer Banks. _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ And now for the Friday Four Fill ins ~ here is …

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