Food Friday

dessert, lunch, espresso, apple pie, macademia cookieIn case you have not noticed. It is another Food Friday! As if it weren’t enough to be happy and excited about it being Friday a.k.a. almost weekend, it now comes with an added ‘Food’. And – we – love – food! I hope you saw my recipe last week for yummy pesto, because this week I am having an easy FoodFriday, at least until now, since I did not prepare anything, but had lunch with my hubby. When moving here last year, but actually also in Germany, we tried to have lunch together every couple of weeks or so. And now with BASF having moved into their new building, having a brand new cafeteria, whose management and chefs love fresh ingredients and making everything (!) from scratch, we love to have lunch right there. They always have so much good stuff to choose from, freshly made sandwiches, of course, big salad bar, bbq for meat lovers, special of the day, dessert station and every day one dish called ‘healthy wholefood’, which, as the name says, is very healthy and has maximum of 600 kcal. I am sure, I had a few more today, because I had the ‘special of the day’, which was Nachos with beef, guacamole, salsa, dessert, apple pie, macademia, cookiecheese and sour cream – oh, that was so good! David was, as almost always, way healthier and had a salmon spinach wrap, which looked, truth be said, quite tempting. As usual we ended our lunch having a double espresso at their cafe bar and we brought the previously purchased dessert. One was a macademia cookie – ever since I lived in Australia I just love macademias – and the other one we were not quite sure, because it was kind of a ‘bag’, so something was hidden inside, but we did not know what. When the time came to split it in two, yes, we are sharing, we were like ‘yay – it is a mini apple pie’. That was really the icing on the cake, because it was extremely good, not too sweet. Unfortunately I did not take photos of the nachos or the inside of the cafeteria, maybe I will supply those on another Food Friday. For now, enjoy these two photos we took with my phone camera. We are looking forward to having another lunch. Soon. Together. Right here. Maybe even with another photo or two, because they have such a nice modern interior decor that, as a photographer, it is hard not to take pictures.

3 thoughts on “Food Friday”

  1. Schön, daß Ihr es Euch gut gehen laßt! Würden wir auch tun, wenn Dan nicht 55 km weg wäre- vom fehlenden Lokal ganz zu schweigen…

    • @ Debbi – Nachos and apple pie – sounds like a weird combination, huh! But it really, really was very good

      @ Catharina – 55 km? Wurde seine Arbeitsstaette verlegt? Mir war nicht bewusst, dass es so weit weg war. Ja, das ist schade, denn so ein kleiner Lunch zusammen ist schon schoen.


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