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I wanted to show you a couple of funny pictures, while talking to you about a cereal killer living in our household. Yes, that’s right, funny pictures + a cereal killer! And it is no typo and it is not me, I mean the cereal killer, even though I am the one who gets rid of it by – well, simply by eating it every morning. But it was not in the morning, rather in the late evening when this little story unfolded. I was already in bed, while David was still downstairs getting some water or such before joining me. This is when all of a sudden I heard this ruckus coming from downstairs. Mixed with a very loud voice, cussing and cursing – my dear husband. Worried wife that I am, I got up and asked looking down from the gallery, if he was o.k. or needed help. Only to get a rather mumbled and non-committal ‘no, no – everything is fine, I’ll be upstairs in a moment’. Alright, I thought, and back to bed I went. And was joined by David just a little later. Next morning I got up, went downstairs, turned around the corner into our kitchen, opened the fridge, looked up and – stopped! Staring disbelievingly at what was in front of my eyes. The fridge, yes, and on top of it was a box of cereal. The box being slightly deformed and ripped and – stabbed by four knives! When I asked David a few minutes later, he answered by telling me this: The previous night he went to get some water from the fridge. When he opened it he was attacked by the box of cereal (a.k.a. falling down on him). Caught by surprise, he grabbed the nearest knives and fought back. Stabbing the poor box multiple times and in the end leaving the knives stuck in the wounds, spilling some of the contents on the ground. All I can say is: We had a very good laugh! And burglars beware, I have got a very capable husband! Here are the funny pictures of the poor, now dead, cereal…

cereal, knives, funny picturescereal, knives, funny pictures

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