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And another week had to go by before I am able to bring you part three of my Germany trip. Here you can find part I and part II if you are interested. We are having visitors from Germany and Austria, which means lots of stuff to do with them and hardly any time for mine. But that is o.k. – it is always fun seeing friends. Which is also what I did during my Germany trip.

The pretty unspectacular train ride from Bielefeld to Waldshut-Tiengen took about seven hours, but I indulged myself in a 1st class ticket, which made the trip quite pleasant. At 5.20 pm I arrived into the very small station of Waldshut-Tiengen, the local German town that I used to go to for shopping while I lived in Koblenz, Switzerland. Kerstin my best friend from my Swiss times picked me up and soon we were on our way to their house in the middle of nowhere. They are living in a very old house on a working farm, the Hasenhof (transl. ‘rabbits farm’) dating as far back as the 15th century, on the fringe of the Black Forest. While their rooms and living area was downstairs, I had the whole upper floor a.k.a. guest suite to myself. What a view… Depending on the weather you can see across the Rhine valley and the Swiss town of Zurzach with their tower and mineral spa pools up to the Swiss Alps hours away in the distance. That is truly breathtaking. I still remember that very well from when I lived there.


After spending the evening at a local restaurant eating yummy local seasonal food and drinking great house wine, we retired pretty early, because I was still suffering from jet lag and Bernie, Kerstin’s partner, had to get up early to feed their horses and just generally start working on the farm. When Kerstin and I started our day we took a little walk around the property together with Peggy, her friend’s poodle, who was staying with her for a few days. Needless to say that Peggy had to pose as my model a few times. As did Kerstin’s horses, Ciris, Etneen, Joel und Joya, which we visited and photographed often during these couple of days. Three are Freiberger, a Swiss breed of wonderful horses and Etneen is also a warmblood horse, but I forgot the breed (Kerstin will probably let me know). Kerstin also offered to go for a ride, but after so many years that I haven’t been horseback riding, I declined. Even though I would have loved to go. But… another day… maybe.


One day we took a quick trip over the border and went to Switzerland for an hour or so, because I wanted to see my old ‘heimat’ and check out the supermarket (COOP) that I frequented so often – aaah – good memories. Yes, and that is pretty much how we spent the morning, days and evenings. We got up, talked, had breakfast, talked, checked on the horses and had a walk while we – talked and then relaxed and talked some more. Friends catching up on four years that we have not seen each other. It felt as if it had been just yesterday.

Unfortunately time flies when you’re having fun and all too soon it was Saturday morning and I got my last ‘Laugengipfeli’ (a mix between croissant and pretzel bun) for breakfast, before Kerstin dropped me off at the train station in Waldshut-Tiengen to continue my Germany trip to Mannheim/Speyer.

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Here are a few more photos, but there are tons more. Especially horses – I had my horse fix, if there is such a thing:

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    • There are lots of very nice and also rural parts to see in Germany. You’d probably like the Black Forest. Thanks for stopping by, Eileen.

  1. Beautiful pictures! You have such an incredible talent. Thanks so much for sharing your art.

    Thanks., also, for stopping by my “Tenderness” post. I appreciate your comments and support.


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