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Most of you know that I have been away for the past two weeks in my home country. But now I am back, and I will be sharing my Germany trip with you in words and photos over the next couple of weeks. I will start off by showing you a map of my journey. You can click/zoom on this map or you can open the link to google maps in a separate tab.

My Germany trip started in Whippany NJ. From there via Newark airport to Frankfurt airport. My first stop was a little bit north close to my hometown of Bielefeld, the next one in the south of Germany, the border to Switzerland, and the last one in the middle of Germany, Mannheim and Speyer. To make it easier I marked the separate routes in different colors.

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Sunday September 9th is the day that I started my Germany trip. I packed and tidied our house, after all David was going to be home alone for a while. Soon enough it was time to head to the airport for my 5.30 pm flight. David dropped me off at terminal C, where I checked my suitcase and slowly wandered towards security. Had I known how long the queue was, I would have hurried up or gotten to the airport earlier. Seriously, I have done a bit of travel, but this queue…

The ‘nice’ thing was that ‘premier service’ had two security checks open, whereas ‘economy’ had only one. Guess which service has more passengers and would need more lines open?! After I had half of the queue behind me I overheard someone who had just gotten to the end of it say to the attendant that his flight was boarding in 10 minutes and if he could skip to the front. But the attendant silently pointed to the end of the queue. Which I thought a little weird, because there were others that were sent to the front of the security check. I haven’t really found out the logic behind that and I do not like it that some people can skip the queue while others have to wait. But sometimes things happen. Still, I wonder if the guy made his flight, because it took me another half an hour before it was my turn to be (security) checked.

Needless to say that even though I got to the airport with plenty of time, by the time I got to the gate I had to wait only for a few minutes before boarding was started and soon I was to be on my way to Germany. Or so I thought… My Germany trip will continue.

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10 thoughts on “Germany Trip”

    • Hey Vivid, thanks for the heads-up. I, too, love to read others travel stories, so I’ll be definitely checking out your Paris ones.

    • Me neither, Jamie! Seriously, for whatever reason life is slightly hectic and all I have done so far is transferred the photos to my desktop and backed them up. Nothing else. And I sooooo want to start work on them.

    • Why, thank you, Deborah. That is very nice of you to say 🙂 I still have a lot of catch up to do, including your blog…


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