Halloween Inspired Art

Welcome to my (Halloween inspired) s~A(R)T~urday linky party!

“There is no line between fine art and illustration; there is no high or low art; there is only art, and it comes in many forms.” James Gurney

I really wanted to show you photo art this Saturday, but it was not to be. This has been another week of drawing for me, Halloween inspired, because… tonight –

’tis the one night of the year,

when witches fly and children fear

people and things they may meet

’tis the night of ‘trick or treat’

halloween, illustration, trick, treat

Children are getting ready

to scare and fright,

will this be their sight?

Witches shoes, cats holding steady?!

halloween, illustration, witch, shoes

Pray that it will not.

For in the witches mind

something’s brewing hot

a target she will find!
halloween, illustration, cauldron, spell

Stay safe during this special night of nights

welcome all the weird or wonderful sights

look out and up and enjoy the scene

Wishing you a Happy Halloween!

halloween, illustration, witch, flying


I drew these pictures last week and I really, really wanted to color them. But I have so many different ideas of different color schemes that I didn’t want to color them right there on paper in my journal. So, of course, I grabbed my scanner and scanned them in this morning. Since it was a bit of a rush job, I’m afraid there still may be some spots or shadows on the pics.

What do you think? How would you color these?

I hope you are having a great Halloween, even if you are somewhere where it is not being celebrated or you are being rained on. Just relax and enjoy. That is exactly what I intend to do. And maybe, just maybe I’ll take a peek outside and up to the sky…


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While they are deciding, make even more art.” 

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24 thoughts on “Halloween Inspired Art”

  1. I would color them in vivid hues of oranges, yellows,and greens. And most assuredly there will be purple! I love the shoes. It would be cool if we could have them in real life huh? Somebody needs to make us some! 🙂

    • Yep, those colors were definitely on my mind, too.
      You know, back in the late 80s I used to have similar shoes and my brother-in-law always called them ‘witches shoes’, but I loved them. Wouldn’t mind having them again.

  2. ich glaube, ich bin nicht die Einzige, die diese schwierigkeit hat.
    also mein computer läuft immer, ich schalte den nie aus. er geht auf spar”flamme” wenn ich nicht dran bin.
    also mache ich das mit dem herunterfahren nur ganz ganz ungern.
    sprich, ich habe es jetzt NIcht getan. also finde ich in deiner linken seitenleiste als letzten beitrag das vom mittwoch. weissderkuckuck.
    ich kann damit gut leben, aber vielleicht, wenn du mehr teilnehmer hättest gern, ob da was zu verändern geht?
    vielleicht kannst du ja mal von einem anderen gerät aus probieren, ob du als “fremde” wirklich an deine neuesten beiträge drankommst?

    na, streuen wir pfeffer drauf und dann kriegen wir es runter…
    schöne woche, herzlich Petra

  3. Oh I love the I Put a Spell on You one! Now I have to watch Hocus Pocus again. LOL
    I am not sure how I would colour them? I think I’d try each one a different mood perhaps. It would be cool to see one with all the bright Halloween colours, but also to see one where they are more muted — almost like chalk drawings perhaps – and then another that is very minimalist; just black, white and orange or yellows.
    I think that would look very cool.
    sorry I missed ya — with a house full of 8 kids and 7 adults: I was buried in festivities!!

    • I am doing so many drawings, doodlings, illustrations these days I am thinking of putting together a book, an ebook or something for coloring. I’ll send you one if I ever get finished 🙂
      No worries about missing sARTurday, you had more important things to take care of – family & friends.


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