What do ice flowers and manga have in common?

Welcome to … sARTurday

Nothing really, but, hey, this is my blog and I am mixing those two together. Plus – it’s Friday, Friday night! I survived the first week back at the office and it is officially the weekend – yay!!

Not so yay is that I did not do any creating art in any sense. Well, maybe apart from a couple of iPhone Instagram photos that I posted. But are they art? In a way, maybe. And the subject of those photos were really beautiful. I mean, duh – otherwise I would not have taken the photos at 8 am in front of our office building. But, they are documenting the first day this season that started with frost. Here they are:



bw-ice-flowerI also wanted to let you know that I signed up again this year for Art Every Day Month, which will start in four short days. Aarrrgh! I am getting the slight feeling that I should not have done it. On the other hand, as Leslie aka Rorybore of InkInterrupted always says: Anything that keeps me creating is good. So, we will see how it goes. If you see a post every day, an email from me in your inbox every day or every other day, don’t be too surprised and don’t shoot me. I may actually stop the daily or rather ‘per post’ email notification for next month.

As you can tell from my somewhat incoherent rambling, I am really not sure what I will be doing. Stick around and you will find out!

Happy weekend!





If I have time I will be linking with one or more of the fine people in this collection – check them out!

Boy – manga drawing


Coloring the sketch (speed painting)


19 thoughts on “What do ice flowers and manga have in common?”

  1. oh my those frosted flower pics are spectacular Claudia-and yes that IS art! They would make fabulous notecards:) Your manga illustrations are really great too-don’t think that’s something I could do.
    Thanks so much for your comment to me. I hope you enjoyed YOUR mixed weather bag time at the beach as much as I did. I have never been to the Outer Banks but hear so many wonderful things about it…just such a long drive for us…
    happy PPF and happy creating!

  2. What an amazing photograph, I love it. Your manga is beautiful too. It should be fun to participate in Art Every Day Month. I am hoping to do art every day, but I’m leaving town, so I won’t be joining any challenges other than my one to myself to sketch daily…

  3. I can relate to the hesitancy of joining for 30 days. I know I have plenty of photos to do these challenges but there’s something about the urgency to post every day that bothers me.

  4. Okay I love love his blue hair!!! These characters are so cool and original. I’d love to see them all interact in a comic panel one day. Is that where you are thinking of going? Cause that would be really neat.
    There’s something magical about frost on blooms. I am sure if I wanted to really wax poetic, it could go all deep about beauty surviving under harsh conditions. ha. I’m only on my first glass of wine though… maybe in an hour or so? LOL

  5. Manga looks so simple and yet, I don’t know anyone but you who can do it so well …especially including myself. It is deceiving and your mastery is amazing. And, your photography … such beautiful shots of the frost laden flowers. You have outdone yourself this week, Claudia … but then I think that every week. So glad you are back 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. Hard to imagine that it’s starting to get cold places and that it has already snowed in some spots. It’s been pretty nice here, cooler and less humid but definitely not cold. Love the frosty flowers though!
    And I welcome the daily emails to see what you come up with. Is there a daily photo one in November? Like NaBloMo?

    • Hmmm, maybe we should start one? You and Tiffany and I are always struggling to post regularly. Maybe a photo one + anything else would hold us responsible? What do you think? I could easily set it up… And, of course, sign up for NaBloPoMo – who knows one of us might win and visit you in sunny Florida 🙂

  7. I love your work, Claudia. You know that. This has been a crazy, rough year of many, many changes for me. I will get back to a routine, which I long for. Last week, I had written a story especially for sARTurday…and lost it. I hope I find it. I am broken-hearted, as I cannot re-create it as I had originally written it. I hope to see you this week, though. Hugs.

    • Hi Annie, I am so, so sorry that I still have not answered your long email you sent me. I really appreciate it and don’t know what to say, there is really no excuse. Only an explanation maybe that with the hurricane and all it was not good timing on my part. But – I am here, I got it, I will reply and – I am your friend. You know how much I love your work and your writing. I do. And when I don’t visit for a while, apart from missing it and missing you, remember – I will be back. 🙂


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