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Oh my – why did I sign up? Aaaaah – I have so much to do and don’t know how to fit it all in with all the projects and, of course, 8 – 5 (well, if it ever is actually those hours) work. I must like pressure or…

For those not in the know – usually me – or those who don’t like or have some kind of an issue with all the abbreviations today – definitely me – NaBloPoMo stands for: National Blog Posting Month. Meaning, of course, that those participating commit to posting

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This is the morning of November 1st. I have no idea how I will be doing this. But I am set to give it my best shot.

My regular readers know what to find on my blog, so this bit here is for those stumbling over here for the first time.

First of all, you may notice it here and there my blog is currently undergoing renovations. It seems like there never is a good time for those, don’t you agree? Having new friends visiting while your home is not (almost) perfect? Here’s the thing though. I am pretty much a perfectionist when it comes to my work i.e. my art and my day job. However, with my home and friends visiting I am a lot less picky. Actually to the point that hubby says ‘shouldn’t we tidy this or that before xyz gets here?’ Which is when I usually reply ‘yeah, yeah, just give me a minute until I have finished this or that image’.

What can you expect from visiting my home in space?

  • Random rambling about my work and life with hubby in New Jersey
  • Tons of photos, I am a photographer after all
  • The occasional tutorial about something photo or photo editing related
  • Lots of drawings, many of them manga style, and WIP (hah – here we go again – Work In Progress)
  • Bits and pieces of geekery, maybe tech and gaming, with a side of windsurfing and biking

Did I mention that I looooove the ocean? We just returned from a vacation at the Outer Banks, NC, so I still have tons of photos to share from those weeks. But first a glimpse at fall.

I think this is enough of an intro to the month of November on my blog.

And remember if getting a daily email from me is too much, simply switch to the weekly compilation of my posts? Please let me know if I may lend a hand in doing so.




If I have time I will be linking with one or more of the fine people in this collection – check them out!

Maple in Fall

Taken & edited with my iPhone. I added a little sparkle and shine to show emotion rather than photo perfectionism only.




self portrait, Claudia Willison, ImagesByCW

Claudia is founder, owner and soul of ImagesByCW Photography. Born in Germany, traveled though Europe and Australia, she currently lives with her American husband in New Jersey, USA. She blogs about what she loves: Photography, art, internet and computers in general, as well as cooking and windsurfing. When not working she enjoys reading, music, windsurfing and listening to the sound of waves and the wind, preferably together with her husband.

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