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Yes, this is my post for Leslie’s coffee chat, but first things first. On last week’s wordless Wednesday post I promised that I would blog in more detail about my iPhone photography. And, really, I had good intentions to write the post or a little series this weekend. But then we realized that David was ready to publish the next part of his story. And to do so he was in need of photos for it. Or rather of images. Because for his story and the time that it is set in, today’s picture perfect photos just won’t do. So instead of writing my own blog post I edited pictures for David’s post. Like in previous parts of the story I ‘digitally aged’ my somewhat too clean photos in Photoshop. I added grain, scratches and funky filters to make them fit the atmosphere of the story. But why do I tell you? Have a look for yourself. Here is my favorite. Oh, and the iPhone post is not forgotten. If you’ve got a specific question, let me know in the comments.

moon, full, blue, vintage

If you like to see more of these vintage like photos and read a tale of adventure while you’re at it, have a look at David’s website. There are seven parts of his story already online and all of them have my vintage photos in them.

coffeechatAnd now finally fast forward to Leslie’s coffee chat. Her question today: Last thing you took a picture of?  Why did you want to capture this image? (Show your work.) Talking about and showing more of my photos? Sure. No problem. So, the last photo I took is actually a series of photos. And – surprise! They were not taken with my iPhone, but with my DSLR. In raw format. Meaning, I definitely need to edit them to even be able to show them to you. But since I am writing this on a Monday and I just came home from work, you can imagine that any editing will be very minimal. Maybe as minimal as converting them from raw file format to jpeg. So, here you go, Saturday it was pretty darn’ cold here and I thought I would venture outside for half an hour or so to get some icy pictures with my macro lens. Which I did not own during last year’s oh so long winter. But first I stumbled across these. I always wanted to shoot ice flowers, but I never had the window or the lens for it. By the way the part of the window in the 1st photo below is only about 3×2 inches. As a home owner I am not happy about them, but as a photographer I love them.

ice, flowers, window

And below is what you get when you zoom into different parts of the very same picture from above. A different world, isn’t it? Compare the pictures below and imagine how small those formations are…

ice, flowers, window

Ice forest

ice, flowers, window

Then it was time to go outside. Our local river had partially frozen over and there were lots of photo opportunities. A lot of macro like shots, some photos quite abstract, a favorite of mine, most taken close up and some, like the one below form a far. But you know what? It is too late now to edit more than this one now. Above photo was the first one I shot on Saturday and this one here was the last one from the almost two hour excursion, of what was supposed to be only half an hour outside. All other photos I will have to edit and show you some other time.

ice, glass river, whippany

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20 thoughts on “Ice Flowers & Vintage Photos”

  1. I’m looking forward to a good opportunity to use my macro on either snow or ice crystals, but as of yet nothing to shoot. Well…scratch that, I could have gotten a photo last week when the kitchen window iced over, but my brain was too numb from the cold to allow such things to properly register. Hopefully the next round of freezing cold, I can snap myself out of that brain freeze state and capture a few pictures to share. Now…I just love the ice flowers ~ nice details and oh so pretty. Oh yeah, I love the PhotoShop image you did for David’s story. The moon is so huge in this picture. Was it actually that large in the original? Great, great job! I will hop over to his site to take a look at more of your work. Thanks for visiting and offering encouraging words. They are definitely needed just now. Hugs!

    • Tell me about that numbing cold. I almost did not leave the house, but then I kicked myself quite literally.
      No, the moon was not that big. In fact it was not even in that particular picture. This image is a composit of four of my images plus filters and textures. I’m glad you like it 🙂

  2. I am so loving the vintage tone!! Have I said that before? love the vintage. I don’t know what it is about it – it’s just… speaks. ya feel?
    One of my favourite things to do when stuck inside with my camera is to shot the frozen over windows with a macro lens. Because we have the suck big time thin window panes too. They are either frozen – which photographs so beautifully; or, they are dripping with condensation. which can give a really cool distorted view to the outside. I don’t normally share those photos – they are just playing around fun basically. Unless of course one really stands out.
    As soon as this cold settles down, and we get a fairly mild day – I gotta get out and snap some shots of our frozen river! 🙂
    off to visit David’s story! 🙂

    • Yes, you said it before, but – I don’t care! You can say it over and over again 🙂 Seriously, this have been the first frozen windows I have had the opportunity to shoot since my childhood. I can imagine how the dripping condensation would make for interesting shots – thinking of rain on windshields… Frozen river sounds fun. Hey, there’s a dam, too, if I remember correctly. There should be some great ice formations there.

  3. I adore that moon shot! Isn’t it fascinating to look at ice, frost, and snow crystals? I could sit for hours looking at them through my car windshield if I did not have to go to work! LOL I am looking forward to the iphone tips post. I need all the help I can get.

    • Sit and look for hours at… ice crystals, the moon, waves, clouds – you name it, right?! And now you spoiled it with that w-word – ts ts ts
      I’m following your smart phone adventures on facebook 🙂

  4. All of the photos are stunning, Claudia! Thanks for sharing and talking about them! I’ll definitely be back for the iPhone tutorial/tips. I don’t have any specific questions, but will eagerly soak up whatever wisdom you have to offer!

  5. I’ll be back for iPhone tips too!
    I took ice photos recently. A author had contacted me because she wanted icy shots for a winter novel. I really had nothing I could give her. She wanted artsy but not too abstract. Come to think of it, I think I’ll send her your way.
    It’s too late for that book but there may be another.

    • Like I said to Kim, I am almost feeling like this is a Damocles sword or I opened Pandora’s box with my saying I’ll do a post with iPhone tips – LOL – but, I’ll do it, promise! Not sure you will be gaining something out of it, but – you’ll see 🙂
      Oh, thanks. Yes, sure, send her my way. I do have quite a few snowy, icy pictures. Both from this year and last year. And I have sold and licensed photos before, too. Thank you so much for even thinking of me, Tamara.

  6. Ohhhhhh! All of your images are stunning! And I know what you mean about not liking the window as a homeowner, but loving it as a photographer. 😉 And now I really really need to get a macro lens for my DSLR. Like soon. 🙂

    • Hahaha – hubby was very curious, coming towards me quite quickly when I started taking pictures of ‘our window’. And he was. not. amused. Oh well. Hah – that’s how I felt about getting a macro lens a year ago. I really, really wanted one and, in all honesty, this one is quite challenging (mine is fully manual), but also pretty darn good.

  7. The vintage one reminds me of an old book cover from a piece of literature one would read! LOVE IT.

    Love the window shots – kinda like looking through the microscope – but with your camera!

  8. I love your wintry photos and I’m so very happy that I can admire them from here on my computer screen because quite frankly, it would just be way too cold for me. 🙂 I think, a macro lens is next on my list of lenses to get. I love zooming in close and seeing tiny, intricate details of things. Or maybe a really long zoom lens for my wildlife photography. I really, really enjoy that…

    • Tell me about it. A winter vacation would be enough to keep me happy.
      Those tiny details are pretty amazing. Say, you’ve got Camera+ on you iPhone. That comes now with a macro setting that looks not bad. I don’t really own a very long lens. But I love my 70-200 2.8 which is great for just about anything.


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