#1 / 2015 – Instagram Wordless Wednesday

#1 / 2015 – Instagram Wordless Wednesday | *(i)PhoneOnly* photos | WW Hop!

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 NYC, New York

ImagesByCW“On Wednesdays all over the internet, bloggers post a photograph with no words to explain it on their blog. Hence the ‘wordless wednesday’ title. The idea is that the photo itself says so much that it does not need any description.”

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32 thoughts on “#1 / 2015 – Instagram Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Lovely photo! I can never get my iPhone photos to look this good. Do you have a page of tips and/or tricks for iPhone users? I’d sure love to take a look if you do, or know of any (I didn’t see any at first glance).

    Happy Wordless Wednesday to you!

    • Thank you so much, Kim! You know, I have heard this now a couple of times (or more?) and I guess it is time that I write down a post or two about iPhoneography. I had always figured there are so many out there already – why one more? But, I guess it cannot hurt, right? I guess it will be the weekend though, so you’ll might want to check back then.

    • You’ve got some great pics on that blog! Funny though, when you had your iPhone I had an android, and now it is the other way around 🙂 Whatever – its a camera, right? And we all know it is the photographer who makes the photos.

  2. well that is a very cool shot! Is that a fish eye style lens? Or you just did it with the iPhone? I agree, I think a post with iPhone tips is necessary! ha
    It’s so cold here, I tried to take pictures, but my fingers were literally freezing to the camera. I got a couple of good ones, before I had to dash back inside. But haven’t edited those ones yet. It might be a couple of dry weeks for photography until I can feel my fingers enough to adjust the camera settings!

    • I just did it with the iPhone. There is a fish eye lens for it, but I’m not sure it has this extreme angle.
      I’m already ‘working’ on an iPhoneography post, although work has already taken over. At least during the week, I do not think I’ll get anything else done. We’ll see.
      I read about how cold it is up there north – brrrrh – even here – brrrrh – with only -10 C° or so. But I’m hoping to get out there tomorrow or Saturday to get something icy with my macro lens.

  3. Yes! Would love to see an article about picture taking with phone. Because….. TADAH! I now own a big girl phone. It’s not an iphone though it is an android. Will be taking it to activate this weekend!

    The photo is great, Claudia. My first reaction was Alice down the rabbit hole. LOL!

    • Oh, you got one! She got one! Yayaayaya!! Now you’re connected and in the loop all the time. What did you get? Does it have a good camera? I know, this should not be the most important feature of a phone, right?!
      Hah – I totally can see Alice in the rabbit hole – LOL

    • To me WW is just an easy way to keep on going with my blog. And at the same time sharing photos, iPhone photos, that some people or most people who don’t follow me on Instagram have not seen yet. And some of them are not half bad, I dare say 😉
      Yes, you should definitely go back to posting a WW. If that space, time is not filled in your blog yet – do it!

  4. I haven’t done Wordless Wednesdays in the new year but I’d like to get back to them. As you know, I couldn’t help but blather on with those too.
    This is an amazing photo and very surprising to be done with an iPhone. I need to learn more!

    • You know there are many versions of ‘Wordless’ Wednesdays, just call yours a ‘wordy Wednesday’ 🙂 Your posts are always so full of beautiful photos anyhow, so no reason to worry about that.
      I am sure that if or when you stick your head into it you’ll be the master of iPhone photography in no time.


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