Icelandic Horses – A Chase



Icelandic Horses Chase – to be precise!

First – not much of a chase

Icelandic Horses

Walking, moosing, leaving the daytime paddock

Icelandic Horses

Wait – somebody is chasing us, arrrrgh!

Icelandic Horses

Oh well, just another quick bite

Icelandic Horses

Then we will move on – promise!

Icelandic Horses

Really, no need to chase us.

Icelandic Horses

So you insist – right, we’ll hurry.Icelandic Horses

‘Let me pass, the eldest first.’

Icelandic Horses

Wait for us, hair all mussed

Icelandic HorsesFour fierce horses, without apocalypse riders

Icelandic HorsesStay away, thee stick wielding human

Icelandic HorsesHumans, we show thee our backsides!

p.s. 6 words at the end with a teensy little bit of help from David, who blogs over at David H. Willison


And now for the Friday Four Fill ins ~ here is from Hilary’s blog:feelingbeachiebutton 200x200


  1. If I eat too many fresh berries or cherries, I feel sick despite them being healthy. But too much of anything is…
  2.  Running a marathon or even a half-marathon is not in my future.
  3. Why is it that the older I get the more I love to get up early in the morning (and it is not that I could not sleep anymore)?
  4. Where do you live?

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22 thoughts on “Icelandic Horses – A Chase”

  1. Although I’ve run a couple of 5Ks, I don’t see a half or full marathon in my future either!

    I’ve always been a sleepy head, but there was a period in my life that I just started waking up early. It was a real surprise to me, and I thought it must be because I was getting older. Now I have reverted to my old ways, and I’m happy about it. I think it must have been due to one of the many changes we females endure!

    I live in NC where the humidity is barely tolerable this time of year!

    • I wish, well, I am sure I could run / walk a 5k and I actually thought about participating in a color run here. But then my biz trip got in the way.
      Female changes – yup, that is messing with us indeed.
      NC? I have never been there in summer, but I am certainly not a big fan of humidity. We have enough of it in NJ, too. In October I’ll go to the Outer Banks again – cannot wait!!

  2. Oh, Claudia! I am laughing out loud at your very funny commentary on your very interesting photos. Happy Weekend, Jersey Girl!
    PS: LIKE your new blog design

    • Hahaha – thanks, Maureen. I am sure you were laughing at the last few. They carry David’s footprint, he really is talented with that. And I am hoping (very much!) that one of these days he’ll finally show a little more of it on his blog, too.

  3. I swear I didn’t peek at your answers, but our first two are quite similar!!
    And I too woke up early this morning – but because hubby got up at 4:30 OMG oclock to go to work. And my youngest kept us up half the night too. oye. coffee stat!

    Beautiful horses. That is one of the moments I would probably forgotten all about my camera and just watched in complete AWE. But then again, I’ve had so many moments lately where I’ve literally slapped myself “why didn’t you bring your camera!!!??” that I think I will be changing that. Stat.
    I live near Ottawa, Ontario CANADA! 🙂

    • 4:30 am?! Poor guy… hopefully at least he’ll get off early, too…
      The horse parade was over within a few minutes, so I was actually juggling both camera and iPhone – LOL – never can have enough photos, right?!

      Ottawa, ON Canada – well, never been to Canada yet either, but who knows, our company is in the process of expanding into Canada. So who knows – biz trip someday?!

    • I used to be a total sleepy head. It has only been in recent years that I started and actually enjoyed getting up early. I love the quietness of the morning.
      Ending a day ‘early morning’ has been a while since I have done that 😉

  4. No marathon either! Getting up (too) early is however a phenomenon that I observe… 😉

    I enjoyed your photo story and the funny narrative, too. My favorite is “Four fierce horses, without apocalypse riders” 🙂


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