From imperfect illustration to an almost perfect photo


Welcome to the weekend on my blog

Let me start by saying this: The illustration you see below, which I created for this week’s ScribblePicnic on Wednesday but didn’t get finished in time – I don’t like it very much. Why do I still post it?

It is a reminder – that we all make mistakes. I need to be reminded all the time in order to keep my own expectations I have of myself in check, somewhat.

I am not perfect. None of us is perfect.

But as long as we learn from our mistakes and embrace our imperfection all is good in my world.

To balance the illustration I will also be posting a recent photo I took of a sunflower bouquet my hubby surprised me with. As I stated on Instagram it also surprised me that I much preferred the black & white version of the photo to its color version with the wonderful and happy yellow.

Hope you enjoy!Cheers,



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The stages of the sunflower photo in Enlight App on my iPhone

13 thoughts on “From imperfect illustration to an almost perfect photo”

  1. Ahh, Claudia, you know there are no mistakes in art. Something I have taught the grandchildren, much to the chagrin of their art teachers who all here this constantly from them when they are corrected. Love the sunflower. The eye reminds me of a portal.

  2. Wise words that we can all use. I am the first to admit my faults. I am so very human, but I try. And, I am willing to grow and learn.
    That being said, I love your art. I love the first piece! I love the feelings that it invokes. It would be a great writing prompt, too. It is simple, but so heartfelt. ❤
    The sunflowers are awesome! I love those! We always plant them. They attract the most beautiful bees and butterflies.
    Happy weekend to you and your honey!

  3. I do like the sketch… the colors, the foot prints, the ripped up letter… it makes you wonder. The sunflower is great. Isn’t it funny, how sometimes, something just speaks to us more in black and white? Hope all is well!!! xoxo

  4. Your illustration makes me want to know the rest of the story! And that photo is wonderful. You are right about the black and white, it lets you focus on the symmetry and texture.

  5. of course I remember you. Not that old yet 🙂 I like your postboxes, not sure why you don´t.
    I just started an account on Instagram. Maybe I see you there?

  6. Lovely painting, I love the colors of the mail boxes! And your painting make me think, wonder.. what happened to that person, I guess it’s a sad story.. Lovely sunflower in black and white! It’s true what you say, none of us is perfect, and painting is a process where we fail and learn. I too! But I love your painting!

  7. Claudia,

    I love your illustrations! They have a quaintness about them that warms my heart and you’re right it’s good to share our less than purrfect creations to show others that we’re still a work-in-progress ready to learn from our mess ups. How is that your artwork pops on screen. D Is it the type of medium you use or the way you upload your images or what? Thanks for giving me the heads up on Scribble Picnic. This looks like something I may entertain doing at some point. I’m at the point right with so little photography action that I need to supplement my creativity by sketching more. I haven’t done a lot since April as I’m working on blog posts but once I get that out of the way then I hope to do more drawing. Thanks for sharing. Oh yeah, the photo is gorgeous, too. You’re amazing!!


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