Being ‘incorrigible’


oday we have a guest post from David, Claudia’s husband, due to the fact that Claudia is unable to type. Yesterday was quite an adventure, and Claudia even learned a new word “incorrigible”. Oh, and the photos that Claudia insists on posting are not for the faint-hearted.

We wanted to clean out our garage, and set up a new rack for firewood. We had made good progress all morning and were setting up the rack – basically a couple of metal hoops resting on a couple of pressure treated two by fours. I was working on one end of the rack when I heard a yell. Apparent one of the hoops had gotten stuck, Claudia was trying to force it; slipped, and got a “little splinter”.

David: “Dear, are you ok? What happened?”

Claudia: “Ouch! I got a splinter.”

David: “Let me have a look”

Claudia: “Its funny, the splinter is sticking out one side, but its bleeding on the other side (of her finger)” (The “little splinter” was actually larger than a wooden matchstick)

David: “That’s because its gone all the way through! We have to get you to a Dr. now!”

Claudia: “Really? Can’t we just pull it out or something?”

David: “You have a piece of pressure treated lumber sticking through your finger, we are going to the Dr.”

I of course had no idea where the nearest Dr./Hospital/etc was, so I had to call around to see what was open. Claudia was much calmer than I was at this time. I finally got directions, and off we went. During the drive:

Claudia: “Oh, hey, I’ve got to take a picture of my finger.”

David: “What?”

Claudia: “Oh, yes, it will be a funny picture with this stick coming out of my finger”

David: “You are incorrigible!”

So we went to the hospital, and I had no idea where to go. Since it wasn’t a life-threatening injury, we didn’t go to the ER, but went to the front desk.

Receptionist: “How may I help you?”

Claudia (shows her finger) “I need somebody to take this thing out of my finger.”

Receptionist: “Oh my god! Go to the ER! It’s at the other end of the hospital.” The receptionist was shocked – apparently anyone with an injury always went to the ER.

So, we went to the ER, checked in, got her vitals taken, the Dr came by and took a look, sent her to have an x-ray to make sure that the wood didn’t damage the bone on the way through, and then prepped her for surgery. The “hand specialist” happened to be there that day (we didn’t know there was such a thing), and he decided to take over the surgery to ensure there was no damage to the tendon. While we are waiting:

Claudia: “Man, all this fuss over a little splinter. I feel bad. I feel like a big faker.”

David: “You are incorrigible!”

So, the hand Dr. came back, cut the piece of wood out of her finger (after a local anesthetic) and gave her several stitches.

Claudia: “Oh, we need more photos, can you give me the camera?”

David: “You are incorrigible!”

Anyway, that’s pretty much how the afternoon went.  Oh, except for one more interesting conversation conversation with the initial Dr.

Dr. “Does this hurt?”

Claudia: “Just a little”

Dr.: (poking her finger with a needle) “How about this?”

Claudia:”Yeah, maybe a little more”

Dr.: “You are one tough lady”

David: “You don’t know the half of it.”

p.s. Claudia is now officially on drugs. Antibiotics + painkillers 😉

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22 thoughts on “Being ‘incorrigible’”

  1. Dear Claudia and David. Thank you for the heebie jeebies. Its been so long since I have had them. I thought I had lost them forever.

    Signed: a shuddering twisted d.

    p.s. Yes, you are incorrigible.

  2. *rotfl* Schön geschrieben! Ich kann mir das so gut vorstellen, Ihr beide! Gute Besserung an Claudias Finger und Davids Nerven!

    Ich hatte mal ein Stück Fußboden durch den “Ringzeh”, das Holz war in der Mitte gebrochen und mein Zeh mußte auch aufgeschnippelt werden. Die Betäubungsspritzen taten – im Gegensatz zu dem Biest – so weh, dass ich jammerte – und die Schwester sagte nur ” jetzt reiss Dich mal zusammen, Du bist doch kein Mann!”
    Leider habe ich kein Foto, in der Schulzeit waren wir ja noch nicht so weit. Sah ein bisschen wie eine Minifrikadelle am Spieß aus!

    • Hat er fein geschrieben, gell?! Er kann das halt… David’s Nerven sind bereit seit gestern wieder o.k. Mit meinem Finger wird das wohl noch etwas dauern. Dienstag steht 1. Verbandswechsel an…

    • Haha – I hadn’t thought of that one, Karen. Although I did get hung up on multiple different things before the stick was finally out… Thank you!

    • Weeeell, what Can I say… I just love my camera & photography. Sigh – I guess I really am. . . incorrigible… when it comes to these things

  3. Claudia, I’m glad you’re okay, but the photo of your finger injury is stellar!! David, great job writing Claudia’s blog post for her – you’re a good man!

    • Thank you, Jamie! Finally somebody who understands that I had to take the pictures 😉 Awww – yes, hubby was and is great!!!

  4. Poor David, mit seiner ” Kratzbürste” ins Spital fahren und sich die Kommentare anhören müssen….von wegen faker, das kann eine üble Infektion geben … gute Besserung und liebe Grüsse aus Niedersachsen !

    • Das ist ja nun wieder typisch Nic – nicht Claudia, die Verwundete, wird bemitleidet, sondern David… 🙂 Ich hoffe bei Euch ist alles o.k.?!

  5. OMG! OUCH
    You were hysterical, right? I mean your smiling faces tell me that you and David must have experienced shock!? Wayy too much laughter going on there for such a serious splinter(?)…more like a toothpick, although ‘matchstick’ does conjure up a more painful experience since it is a blunt object….
    Are you still laughing or has the pain set in yet like it has with the rest of us just looking at it? That is one serious injury Claudia!
    mwah. Be well+++

    • Hahaha – nope, not hysterical and not in shock. The photos of the smiles are from the very end when all was done and my finger still numbed. Now, it hurts when I stretch or touch it. This afternoon I’ve got a doctor’s appointment to check and change the dressing. We’ll see. Thank you for your concern, but don’t worry – I’m like a cat with nine lives (and David) 😉

  6. Hi Claudia,
    thats how I know you 🙂
    You and David are a good team – at least one has to be the whiner… sorry, David 😉
    Whish you only the best…

    By the way: I found this page via your link in GoogleMaps. Coool….

    • Hey Markus,
      Great to see you found your way to my website 🙂 And yes, you are right: We are a good team! Thank you for your good wishes – the finger is much better.

  7. I can’t believe how you both are just smiling away in the emergency room! To top it Claudia worrying about getting pictures with this wood in her finger and David keep saying how incorrigible she was…both of you are too cute!! Love it made me smile. Thanks for sharing. I am sorry you had to go through this though!

    • Well, I wouldn’t say that I was ‘worrying’ about not getting photos, but it gave us something to do instead of worrying , right?:)


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