Instagram WW #4

#4 / 2015 – Instagram Wordless Wednesday | *(i)PhoneOnly* photos | WW Hop!

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ImagesByCW“On Wednesdays all over the internet, bloggers post a photograph with no words to explain it on their blog. Hence the ‘wordless wednesday’ title. The idea is that the photo itself says so much that it does not need any description.”

The list of WW blog hops got a little out of hand, so I have moved it to its very own page here. Most likely you will find me linking up on any or all of these sites you will find on it.

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19 thoughts on “Instagram WW #4”

  1. Oh I love this!!
    Can I call it “Time is a Storm that Shocks the Soul?” 🙂

    You’re so damn creative. I need to think more outside the box. I have so many shots in folders, and they are just sitting there!

    • Wow – you are so poetic! And so spontaneous, unbelievable. I wish I could ‘write outside the box’.
      Last time I checked my LR catalog was at 72000, but that is only (most) of the digital age, none of my film shots made it to digital yet.

  2. Claudia!!!
    It’s been waaaay too long. I haven’t visited your blog in quite awhile. Are you still on the Blogging Buddies team on Etsy? I usually give those blogs priority, but lately I’ve been lacking when it comes to blogging time.
    I’m excited to see that you have a WW link up! I don’t do WW posts very often, but today I posted one, so I linked up with you. =0)

    Hope you’ve been having a great week so far,

    • Hey Kim, you are so right, I have not been making the rounds myself in a while. Actually, no, I am hardly present at all on Etsy anymore. I decided to go different ways for a while. Concentrate more on creating my art and also my website and blogging. So, in the way of Etsy, you will not be seeing me around much or at all, I’m afraid. But I’m here! 🙂

      p.s. you can also check back on Saturday, I just started my very own link up of any kind of art (and thus creativity)

  3. Claudia, totally cool creation! I like the clock face swept inside the eye of a storm. The Storms of Time would be a good title for this, I think. BTW, is this linky for only iPhone and Instagram shots? That’s ok, I just wanted to know before I add my #WW link up. Have a good evening! Oh yeah, are y’all dug out of the snow yet?

    • Hey Cathy, of course this is NOT an iPhone or Instagram only, but a Worldess Wednesday linky – how ever you took the photo. I just call it that, because MY photos I am sharing here are iPhone only.


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