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Welcome to the weekend. Welcome to Saturday art linky


What have you been up this past week? Have you done anything special? Or not quite that special? Have you created something? Yes, then tell me about it and link up below, so I can have a look.

For me it was really a totally normal week. Business as usual with a side of a lovely dinner with friends on Wednesday, after Juno was a bust here in northern NJ. But, most days this week I really wanted to get home. As early as possible to have time to work on my image. I can tell you, it has been a real long time, kind of as long as way back to almost being a teenager, that I felt that strongly about finishing a picture. Back then I couldn’t wait to get home from school to continue painting. Seems almost like a lifetime ago that I smelled the oil colors. I enjoyed painting a lot.

Today I prefer to create my images digitally. First with my camera and then in Photoshop. And in the case below, believe me, I did a lot of painting.

It almost felt like the old days.

Minus the smell and the stains.

(click the image to see all details)

come with me, grunge, fantasy

(model picture credit DollarPhotoClub)

*update* I have now looked at this picture on different monitors (2nd monitor, laptop) and feel the need to note that e.g. her lips are a perfect match to the reds on the bottom right. Because on another monitor they looked a lot more pink. Shows you how important it is to calibrate your monitor, like I do with my main desktop one, if you work with colors digitally. Hope you still like it. Somewhat.

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26 thoughts on “Saturday art linky – s~A(R)T~urday”

  1. awesome!! her lips are pink on my monitor, so I guess I have some adjusting to do? but it looks just fantastic. Love how you did the art drawing on her face!! I gotta learn these techniques!
    I had wanted to do a Photoshop tutorial (still a big rookie) this week so I could create something, but I have literally been out of the house each day all week. I spent this morning catching up on reading 30 blogs. And I haven’t done my own yet! oye.
    I did however take my camera out yesterday at my friends home on a lake (although frozen), and I am really excited to get those images onto my computer and see what I can do with them!! Hopefully time will be a little more on my side this week.

    • Well, the lips are a slightly pinkier tone than the reds, however I saw them real pink on a different monitor. So, yes, calibrating a monitor is a good idea. And I guess I also need to do that again. I don’t nearly do it often enough.
      I know how it goes, being out of the house and not being able to create. And I am sure there will be a(nother) time again for it. Blogging is fun and can be very rewarding, but there is no doubt, it is also a big time sucker. For the past 70 minutes I have been reading and commenting.! At least for today. Now off to other endeavours 🙂

  2. Unfortunately, they got the forecast right for us on eastern Long Island. We had 27 inches of snow here and now they are threatening to give us more on Monday. Yuck!

    The lips are red on my monitor. That’s a great painting. I love it.

    • Oh my, 27 inches?! So hard to imagine at a place that I associate with summer and beach. I guess I am glad we only got a little and today another 6 inches here. That is already too much for me.
      Thank you so much, Yvonne.

  3. Stopping by from PhotoArt Thursday. Love this piece! I am currently reading the Lord of the Rings and this has very much the same feel . . . moody, adventurous, dangerous journey and more.

    • You got that absolutely right. That mysterious, fantasy, sometimes dark kind of feel. It is different. A different world to delve into. Thanks for stopping by from Cherie, be sure to check back next Saturday and Thursday.

    • Thank you so much, Cherie, praise from a fellow artist is awesome. And we’re in this course together, let’s grow and evolve together. It is a lot of fun.
      I know our linkys have kind of the same subject, but maybe we can get them both off the ground together. I am sure to be back on your site to see your progress next, ah, no this week. 🙂

  4. Your image is striking! Maybe I’m confused – this is digitally painted, right? I love even the smell of oil paint, varnish, and I take the stains of old-fashioned painting, lol. Sorry, no twitter…

    • No, you’re not confused, you got it exactly right. It is a few photographs PLUS digital painting. But I agree, I love the smell and feel of real paint. But at this point of my life I just do not have the time and space for it. Maybe one day.
      Thank you for your kind words, Jesh!

    • Once you have sniffed that smell and heard a certain calling, I guess you’re hooked for life. At least I like to think so. It just gets hard(er) at times to follow ones calling. But I try and will hopefully always try.

  5. Lips are red here on this monitor! Glad you said that, though. I worry sometimes when I’m sending clients their proofs that their monitors will suck and not show the right colors.
    I think it’s stunning.

    • I can totally relate to that worry. When I started my shop and printing with a pro lab, getting my monitor calibrated was the first thing. But even then, colors vary a bit. Thankfully not with my lab though. But it is tough when you are selling on the internet, via a customer’s monitor and they see a totally different color… Tough one.
      Thank you so much, Tamara.


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