Journal cover – self-made

Front and back cover of my first ever self made journal (cover). It was/is part of an online retreat for women with lots of creating art, meditation and yoga. Sadly it is ending today, but I am sure there will be another one.
#iphoneography #art #artjournal #indiaink #painting #empoweringwomen © ImagesByCW via Instagram

4 thoughts on “Journal cover – self-made”

    • It was really fun making it. So different to Photoshop to dabble in real paper and glue and colors. But, of course, having done that, I spent yesterday quite a bit of time taking, editing food photos 🙂 That’s my life, always something different… Which is probably also why I never stuck with a journal before. Also, of course, there’s the minor fact that unlike you I am not a writer. But earlier in December I finished = filled my first ever art journal with doodles and drawings – proud moment 🙂


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