songographySunday, Sunday, so good to me… Sunday morning it was all I hoped it would be… Ahem, sorry, had to do that today. Kathy at You’ll-shoot-your-eyes-out Song-ography got me in a 60s mood and I love so many songs from that time including ‘Monday, Monday’ by The Mamas and The Papas. You, of course, noticed how I mucked it up, pardon me. But for our meme, Kathy chose: ‘Turn Turn Turn’ sung by The Byrds!

The one thing this song screams at its listeners is: Change. Change (or turn) with the seasons, in time, for better, for worse. But no matter what, there is a time for every purpose under heaven. And may I add, not only for every purpose, but for every living being be it human, animal or plant.

Landhuis Karpata

Landhouse Karpata ruins

These are the pictures that came immediately to my mind when I read Kathy’s choice for this week. Like so many I am showing you lately, these were taken on our last trip to Bonaire. They are the ruins of of Landhuis Karpata situated on the western coast. It is one of the many dive sites on Bonaire and we usually go there snorkeling at least once during our vacations. The underwater world is amazing, and as you can see in this video, very often David will even see turtles.

Landhouse Karpata

Landhuis Karpata Landhuis Karpata

But back to Landhuis Karpata. Ruins – are there any photographers that are not fascinated by them? Every ruin I stumble upon anywhere I go, I need to check them out. It must be the fact that there is a story, scrap that, there are many stories that ruins could tell us, if they could only talk. I look at them, wander through them or just sit and listen and cannot help thinking: What was it like on an average day 150 years ago? What was this room used for? What did people study up here while overlooking the far ocean? So many things come to mind. And then – it was abandoned, left alone for Mother Nature to take its toll. Taking back what once belonged to her. Why? Well, I assume it was the economical and cultural changes that took place. No more need for a plantation harvesting goat skin and meat. Better ways to produce aloe, charcoal and dyewood and so on.

Landhuis KarpataStudy/Landhouse Karpata

Landhuis Karpata

In more recent history, 1980, Landhuis Karpata was apparently an Ecological Center belonging to the Bonaire National Marine Park with information for visitors about Bonaire. The organization is now situated in Kralendijk and I am not sure what happened to the Karpata one. I did a little search on the internet, but have not found out so far. I will keep searching though and will update here when I find something.

That’s it for me for this Sunday and for this round of Song-ography. Hope to see you again soon.

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