A manga girl showing off her colorful, striped socks

Once again I decided to join the gang over at Creative Tuesdays with my drawing efforts. This time the theme is: STRIPED SOCKS.

As you know I am trying my hand very heavily at manga these days. But this lady here, at least right now, is at best manga-esque. Please welcome to our universe – Ayako.

I have given her a name, because I feel like I am going to develop her a little more, a character so to speak. I have already sketched a few other poses, but only in pencil so far. There’s a lot I like about her, so I have a feeling that she will make an appearance again. I hope we will all be friends.


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Ayako, manga, girl

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25 thoughts on “A manga girl showing off her colorful, striped socks”

  1. Very crisp and definitely “manga-esque” as you put it! (Now, is that an actual word, actually?) 🙂

    I love her long stockings. She certainyl has the legs for it and her name is going to work great for Maga so keep it going.

    Thank you so much for joining us again. I’m glad you enjoyed the theme, Claudia. I love to see how everyone interprets our themes differently which you’ve definitely done here. That’s great.

    • German here! I don’t know if it is an actual, actual word, but I think it does have a meaning and you definitely get google hits when you search it 🙂
      Thanks, Michael, I really enjoy participating and seeing all the other interpretations (which I will finally be exploring… now!)

    • That scene on the swing was my first thought when I read the theme. Well, I thought of the long stockings first and then the swing. Thanks, Linda.

  2. Your Magna Girl is up to all kinds of things these days. I am glad she is the one in the swing, because they make me sick….ever since I was a little girl. You have to love her colorful socks…vivid and bright. Nice picture. genie


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