Music Sunday or moustache?

mustache-1024x1024Thanksgiving has been here and is gone. My first and hopefully only cold of this winter has been here and gone. So has David’s. Yep, just in time for the long holiday weekend. Oh well, it can always be worse, right? Like, it could be Sunday instead of Saturday and we would have to go to work tomorrow – aaaah! Nope, not Sunday yet. It is Saturday and day three of eating turkey for dinner. I think we have got a few more left. Making a whole turkey for only two people is not what I would call sensible.

Anyways, while being sick-ish, creative juices do not flow, so I was surfing the internet, reading a lot, commenting here and there, and I stumbled about this meme, circle, something not only once, but three times in my ‘blogging circle’. And since it is always fun to learn new things about – mostly – virtual friends – here we go with ‘mustache some questions’, which I traced back to Allison. I have to say though that I am having difficulties with a question or two, so don’t scold me for only having three answers, o.k.?

//Four names that people call me (other than my real name!):

Dearsis — obviously… David 😉

Claude(s) — English abbreviation for Claudia?? It used to bug me a little when I was living in Australia, but all, and I mean ALL, names got abbreviated

Claudi (pronounced Cloudy) — Those who don’t know me well, will find out very quickly why people that do know me, do not call me Claudi – grrrh! Hate it.

Lange or Kleine — which if you know German does not make sense. Lange = tall(ie) and Kleine = short(ie). The former refers to me being 6’1″ and at the same time ‘lil’ sister’ to my siblings 😉

//Four jobs I have had:

Helper (i.e. unskilled worker) painting — in my dad’s business while finishing school, I worked afternoons and weekends to make money

Apprentice office/bookkeeping/reception — German retail chain (I googled, they actually still exist – Boecker)

Logistics Import — ITG, importing home textiles from the PR of China (this was before and during Tianmen Square protests)

Exports/Imports/airfreight/oceanfreight — Danzas now DHL in Germany, Australia, USA

//Four movies I would watch more than once (it is obvious – I love fantasy/scifi):

Matrix (1, 2 and 3)

Star Wars (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Lord of the Rings (1, 2, 3)

Ordinary People

//Four books I’d recommend (phew – haven’t really read in a while, but…):

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan novels (loved all the films, too)

Clive Cussler – entertaining (no brainer) novels for vacations

Scott Kelby  photoshop books are fun and you learn a lot

//Four places I have lived:

Bielefeld, Germany — home town

Bülach, Switzerland (close to Zürich) — job that I did not list above

Melbourne — Danzas / DHL Australia – it will always be my 2nd home!

Mannheim, Germany — where I met for the first time and years later moved together with David

//Four places I have been:

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia — only on vacation, but oh so beautiful

Caernarfon, Wales — another vacation, more than once

Le Mont St. Michel, France — 1st time as an exchange student, later with David

Bonaire — Our windsurfing destination of choice

//Four places I’d rather be right now:

Bonaire — It is way warmer than here and it is the start of the windy season – windsurf, baby!

Bielefeld — Christmas with family is just nice

A beach — any beach, preferably a warm one though

None — I am pretty much where I want to be

//Four things I don’t eat:

Innards or brain — never!

Liver — as a kid mom made it and in all honesty it was o.k. especially in strips, but the smell – uurrgh

Oysters — how can one eat this glibbery, cold, schlurpy stuff – unless it is fried in batter 😉

Seafood pizza — seafood is yum, but does not belong on pizza, period!

//Four of my favorite foods:



Trader Joe’s s (sweet & salty) kettle corn — hahaha, that was David’s answer

Good German bread (with nuts)

//Four TV shows that I watch:


Lost Girl

Burn Notice — (this one actually ties to the actors in the video further down… do you know why?)


p.s. I am watching all these on Netflix since we don’t have a TV, but they count, because they are still running

//Four things I am looking forward to this year:

Attending the Rockefeller Tree Lighting one more time

A quiet Christmas with my Dearsis

Taking more winter photos – I hate winter, so I have to have something positive there, right?

Spring (already yes! And windsurfing on Bonaire)

//Four things I’m always saying:

Freck the freckin’ freckers — I thing we first ‘encountered’ freck in Galactica, the new version 🙂 (btw – this one came from David…)

I’m German — This is the explanation, ahem, excuse I give a lot when …I have no idea how to explain something or I don’t understand something

I don’t know! — comes with  the territory of living in a foreign country speaking a foreign language, I guess

Go away with your cold footsies! Guess who I’m talking to… 🙂


IMG_7534Hahaha – this was fun, especially while slurping a Margarita, out of a proper Margarita glass.  Yep, I finally got some so that our champagne cups can go back to their own business. And now it its your turn, should you feel challenged. Actually, I feel there is (at least) one question missing:


// Four of  your all time favorite songs (in no particular order and just out of this very moment, because there are a lot more!):

One — U2

Wake me up when September ends — Green Day

Music (was my first love) — John Miles

Into the great wide open — Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (and not because (but it does help) of Johnny Depp starring in the video, have a look at the actors in this clip)

And just because I am having a music kind of evening, here is another pretty cool video, in ‘Russian avant-garde art’ style:

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8 thoughts on “Music Sunday or moustache?”

  1. When I was sick, it was the same! I didn’t feel like doing anything creative. It was tough for me! I felt/still feel like I’m out of touch.
    I’m only 5’6″ but my maiden name is Klein. So I know all about the meaning!
    I love Scott Kelby books.
    And I am getting into winter photography. Usually it’s a bit hard for me. Months of no photos..

    • Sick and creative certainly do not play well together. Then again, what does when being sick? One of the many reasons why being sick sucks!
      True your maiden name is Klein, but you are not klein, only kleiner than I am, which is not hard 😉
      I usually only have a couple of days during winter that I really enjoy taking photos. We’ll see how it goes this year.

  2. Throwing all the points in your direction for choosing Ordinary People AND a Tom Petty song. Also, Johnny Depp playing guitar is never a bad thing.
    You have been so many places!! I am beginning to feel like I will never travel the world again. No Great Wide Open for me 🙁
    And it’s a real shame because that Bonaire place looks incredible.

    • It is a pretty cool music video, right?! I watched it again and then David had to come here and watch it, too.
      I am sure you will see the Great Wide Open again, maybe even Bonaire. It may be a little while, but you have other stuff to keep you busy until then.

  3. yay. So happy you played along. I love these type,of memes and it really helped me enjoy blogging more… It’s been a weird time blogging wise for me, so when I found this I decided to just go for it. Learned so many new things – love Jack Ryan books, read quite a few Clive Cussler ones and totally get the I’m German reference! Ha! 🙂

    • I enjoyed reading this meme so much on your blog(s) that I felt real compelled to join you. And it was fun.
      It is a weird time all over for me, blogging funk, photo funk, I am just in a funk I guess. I hope you really found your way out. And that I will, too.
      Did you see the new Jack Ryan movie, Shadow recruit, well sort of, it is not exactly any of the books, but with a lot of references to them and a great cast. I loved.
      Well, what can we do: We are German bred 😀


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