Thanksgiving – an American Tradition

On Thanksgiving the American tradition is

to have a feast. A roast

of turkey or ham or maybe

something else? In case you do

not eat meat, I am sure

you still had a wonderful feast.


This is from the day before Thanksgiving when our first winter storm hit. For us it wasn’t bad, but I read that some did lose power. Anyways, now that I have my iPhone back I finally found a subject to play with time-lapse and slo-mo again. And the verdict is: Falling snow is definitely a case of slo-mo (starts at about 5 seconds). Doesn’t it look a little bit like magic dust?

This picture is from a few years ago when I tried fresh cranberries in the bread stuffing. It wasn’t bad, but this year I simply made ‘my normal’ stuffing again and, as a side veggie, German style red cabbage made from scratch – yum!

Roasted turkey & stuffing

Oh, and you know me – a good bottle of French red wine is a must, too.

Red wine & turkey

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

And here are today’s Friday Four Fill ins from Hilary’s blog:
  1. Can you really enjoy Thanksgiving or Christmas if you don’t have family around?
  2. What are your thoughts about standing in queue for Black Friday deals in the middle of the night?
  3. Would you do it (see #2) if you could?
  4. Do you listen to audio books or do you read?


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20 thoughts on “Thanksgiving – an American Tradition”

    • Hm, now that I read your answer, Elizabeth, I think I asked the question about audiobooks before, sorry. But yes, I still prefer books, when I actually do read. And absolutely now standing in line in the wee hours for … stuff.

    • Hah – you are a regular denier of new things, huh, Judy? 🙂 But that is absolutely fine. Everybody needs to follow their own feelings and paths. I am definitely no Black Friday shopper either, but I do have an e-reader, it is great for vacation traveling.

      • Claudia, we make ours from scratch. We get a red cabbage head, slice it up, add bacon, apples, spices, and some vinegar. And slow cook it for a long time. Its been a tradition since I can remember and the recipe is a family one (I think from my grandfather’s side who were German and Austrian).

  1. #2 – Never done the Black Friday thing! I’m not a fan of shopping in big crowds no matter what deals, I usually even time regular trips to malls during weekday dinner time when there are fewer people there. 🙂

    #4 – Depends on the book! For non-fiction books, I sometimes like to listen to the audio version. Mostly I read.

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  2. I would definitely never stand in line for black Friday shopping in the middle of the night, or early morning. Maybe afternoon just in town, though!
    I love the magic dust video. So beautiful!

    • Me neither, no way. Yeah, shops in a small town, that is something totally different, wasn’t it small business Saturday yesterday? Phew, I am so not into shopping.
      You should try the slo-mo on snow next time it is snowing. With your trees in the background it should really look like magic.

  3. I never listen to books…. I like to hear the words in my head. Sometimes I will even read over a particular sentence, or description twice.
    Snow is rather pretty in slow motion. I always think it so romantic…. until I have to shovel it.
    I want turkey. 🙂

    • I hadn’t really thought about it that way. But you are right, when I read and get into the story, I usually give the characters different voices in my head. And I do read sentences twice, sometimes, but maybe it’s because I didn’t understand them the first time – LOL
      Uh oh – it is not snow shoveling time yet, is it?

    • That is the reason we got some audio books on CD for the car. The problem is we got them in German, so David can practice. However, since it is fiction, they talk so fast that he constantly pauses and rewinds, which kind of tends to aggravate me 😉

  4. We did feast!! And we have saurkraut – yummy, slow-cooked saurkraut. Every holiday meal, it seems to make an appearance 😉 I loved your slo-mo – I tried it too…it’ll take some practice! Thanks so much for linking up!

    • Good for you! Oh, sauerkraut – that’s a good one. Like all kinds cabbage kind of overlooked and booed, but it can really be so yummy.
      Time-lapse and slo-mo really are fun features on the phone.


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