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Two weeks ago I think I may have scared one or the other of you by speaking out loud what occupied my mind. I apologize, because that had never been my intent. And to conclude the subject of that post, today I happy to say that the pesky Lyme disease apparently is a problem of the past for me. At least at this point. I mean, you never know what kind of bug will bite you in the future, when you are off in the woods taking photographs, right? And while I will not live a ‘sheltered life’, I will certainly check my body a little bit more carefully after having been out and about – shooting.

Speaking of – out and about – it feels so much like spring these days that hopefully very soon I will be taking new photographs in the neighborhood. But not only taking them, I really want to make more time again to process my photos and editing them. Making them into a new picture altogether. I always loved the seemingly endless possibilities Photoshop gives us and I want to enjoy it again. During the week I know that I will not be able to get into the right state of mind, never mind finding the time, to do that. But my goal is to make time for it on the weekends. Which, most likely will take away some time from my blog. I hope you won’t mind too much and will still be checking in every now and then. I know I will certainly return any (comment) favor you care to leave here.

songography So today, I will present you – yet again – with an old(er) photograph. On Sundays I usually enjoy linking up with Kathy’s Song-ography, but for one or the other reason – I am sure you know how that goes – I did not make it this week. I had already started the post and researched the theme, the song and which of my photos I could match with it. And instead of letting it go to waste, I decided to share it with you today.

This week’s song is Nickelback’s ‘Photography’. I can hear you – great subject for a photographer you think, right?! Well, really, this song is less about an actual photograph, even though there is one, but it speaks of ‘memories’. Things, places, people you cherish(ed) and remember fondly. One of the song’s lines goes: And this is where I grew up….

Yep, so this is it. This is the house that I grew up in and obviously I have tons of memories of my time living there. Luckily enough my brother and family now live in the house, so that I can still visit. But it has changed. The people have changed. I have changed. Life changes. And leaves – memories.

Photography and more


p.s. I wish I could show you the other sides of my home, but I don’t have a picture (yet), because this here is the new part of it, still a hundred years old. But the rest is an old half-timbered farm house dating back to the late 18th, early 19th century.

But enough of these memories for now and on to Kay, being next in line of our Sisterhood Stories Circle, please check out her fabulous (Lisbon) photos at Kay Maguire Photography.

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20 thoughts on “My home”

  1. What a lovely old home you grew up in, Claudia! It’s very beautiful. How nice that your childhood home is still in the family. I like the new layout of your blog and the way you can scroll through some of your photos at the top ~ very cool! Happy WW!

    • Thank you, Cathy.

      Hm, the blog layout isn’t that new actually. I have had it for a while and I know you’ve visited before. But sometimes it is like that ‘… all of a sudden you realize something has changed…’, right? I know, I can be like that sometimes and definitely hubby is – LOL

  2. I almost stopped reading at Nickelback, LOL but I’m happy I got through the post 🙂 First, Lyme is gone, that’s a great news! The house looks so pretty and I love your choice of focus here, as it speaks of memories and of time gone by. xox

  3. Yeah – take that you nasty bug disease! Woot! Very good news to hear.

    And I love that home! It has an apple tree!
    Reminds me so much of my grandparents old farm house too. Which sadly, is not in the family anymore.
    But we do still have their retirement home in the sugar maple bush – I can’t wait to photograph that.
    And I hear you about editing pictures: 2 and half hours last night!!! I almost didn’t have time to get the WW post done. LOL

    • Yes, I hope to go back one of these days and take some more pictures. I know I have some somewhere, but – not scanned. Editing is so very time consuming, right?! That is why with most of my photos I do not go beyond basic stuff in Lightroom, but every now and then I like to ‘do’ more and then it will be a long session…

  4. I WANT TO SEE MORE OF THIS AMAAAAZING HOME! 🙂 So old, so beautiful, so full of memories. I do like how you focused in on the apples with the house in the soft depth of field. Gorgeous. And I’m totally with ya on the Photoshop possibilities. I truly get lost in a world of editing at times (probably more times than I would like to publicly admit). I just love the whole process. Thanks for joining in at Song-ography!

    • Hahaha – just admit it, Kathy, you are a Photoshop addict! Say it out loud 🙂 I am, I know I am and I admit it. It is easy to get lost in hours of editing. But I also admit that on a lot of photos I hardly do any editing.
      I’ll try to get some more photos of the house, we’ll see.

  5. A very inviting and familiar setting with the old house and the apple tree in the front! To my mind it is always good to know one’s origin and it is a privilege to be able to go back and visit your home where you grew up.

    I wish you and David a Happy Easter Weekend!

  6. I’m lucky enough that my aunt and uncle live in the house that I spent most of my childhood in. It’s a “newer” house for German standards, built in the 1970’s by my grandparents. The whole little town holds many memories for us – all the places my great-grandparents lived are still around and occupied by people that we know one way or another – so that’s always great!
    I’m dying to go back to Germany with my big girl camera and snap pictures of my hometown and surrounding areas… My fingers have been practically itching since I got my Nikon and if all goes well, my wish will soon come true! 🙂 Fingers crossed!!!!!

    • Oooh – I will keep my fingers crossed that your visit back home will happen this year. It is sometimes funny how much the a camera changes the view one had before. I will actually be going to Germany at the end of June. It is a business trip, but there are going to be two weekends – with options 🙂

  7. Your childhood home is lovely! I think it’s so good to look back on our memories with an open heart, after all there what makes us who we are;) that song by Nickelback it’s when my favorites

    • It is funny how as teenagers or young adults you cannot wait to get out of ‘that house’, your home that you grew up in. But there will come a time, where all you have is fond memories to look back on.
      I like that song, too. 🙂


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