6 thoughts on “Arboretum Frelinghuysen – Day 107”

  1. that looks like an interesting place to explore. trees, right?
    love the framing with the gnarly branch. I love gnarly branches.
    I am also really impressed with that green grass! I can’t take any outdoor pictures of the ground for a week or two, because it’s just dead, ugly gray brown. All the salt and sand we use on the roads for winter takes a few wakes to wash away.

    • Whoops, how did I miss this one?! Shame on me…
      Of course trees. Lots of them. And brushes and flowers, no matter what time of the year there is always something to explore.
      I hear you about the ugly brown grass, that is what it looks like in our own backyard – not nice.

    • Oh yes, you bet I enjoyed it. Especially sitting for a few minutes in the sun before I went back to the car. I come here throughout the year, being basically a ‘huge garden’, there is always something to see. And photography

    • Walking around the grounds is just lovely. I wish one could actually go inside the house and have a look, but… Oh, and there are always wedding photo shoots somewhere on the grounds at some time 😉


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