(No) photo of the week

Yes, you read correctly. I have succeeded posting at least one photo each week for about two months. And now I will stop. One reason is certainly that I personally hate ‘being made to do something’ – the artist in me?! I know we all have to do things we do not like to do very much or just not at that point of time when they need to be done. But we do them anyhow. Now, don’t get me wrong, it has been fun posting my photos of the week, because it made me really think about what to photograph, which one is the best or most meaningful of them and then work on it to post it. So, it made me work that little bit more organized. Which is good.

Especially if you get lost in all the social media trying to build a network. A little bit of a routine, or even some more, is a good thing. For everybody. I have been keeping myself very busy on facebook , twitter and etsy and now, it is already March and it really seems like spring is just around the corner. I cannot wait to take more pictures of nature starting to coming alive around me and to share them with you. For now I will show you a couple of photos I took during my recent vacation on Bonaire. One is a butterfly that just landed on one of the blooms and sat still for just a split second. Just enough to capture this picture.

butterfly bloom close up pink green
Butterfly on a pink bloom

For the other one I was sitting on the beach and watching surfers, the ocean and the birds. This seagull inspired me to finally add a grungy texture to it, which I had wanted to do for a long time with some of my pictures, but somehow never got around to. So, here it is – a grungy seagull over Bonaire 🙂

flying seagull bonaire ocean waves grunge look
flying seagull over bonaire's ocean waves (grunge look)

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