On vacation: Windsurfing on Bonaire!

Bonaire, formerly part of the Dutch Antilles, but since the beginning of 2011 actually belonging to The Netherlands. My husband and I stayed on this Caribbean island before we moved to the US from Germany from January to March last year. We enjoyed our stay in 2011 so much that we had to return this year.

We are staying right on the windsurfing spot in the Sorobon Beach Resort here at Lac Bay. And just like last year we are renting our windsurfing gear from our friends at Jibe City. So far we had everything we could wish for: A nice resort, great weather – everyday sunshine and lots of wind, the beautiful Carribean ocean and friends we haven’t seen in a year.

We are thoroughly enjoying our stay and I will be returning with lots of new photos, albeit only (!)  from Lac Bay since we are not renting a car. Depending on the wind I may also upload a few photos here in the coming days, but in the meantime you can find some on my facebook page or on our personal homepage. I hope you will enjoy them.

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