NO windsurfing

Today is the windiest day and I should be happy. However, no Windsurfing for me. Yes, I got a sunburn – antibiotics and tropical sun don’t mix too well – but look at my face. My eyes, the lids, everything is puffed up and swollen. Not sure what I reacted to, but anti-histamines are helping. So I am hoping to be back windsurfing tomorrow. Albeit with less wind šŸ™

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8 thoughts on “NO windsurfing”

  1. oh noes!! be careful down there.
    I had that happen one day on my first Caribbean trip too. the combination of freckles, reddish hair, sun and surf….and okay, some fancy coconut rum drinks: i was a puffy lobster!
    do you have aloe vera? I always used that – and put it in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes before.

    • Puffy lobster is a good one – I compared my face to that of a beaten up boxer with indian war colors on šŸ˜€ We used Aloe Vera for cuts and scrapes in previous years, I haven’t come across any yet, but this afternoon I might venture out again. Can you believe, I haven’t taken one photo yet with my DSLR?! I’d have to go out into direct sunlight to do that… sigh. I’ve had enough of being stuck ‘inside’.

  2. Ooh no, that does not look good! I can well imagine how you may feel right now. Everything around you seems perfect and then such a allergic reaction hits you from one moment to another. My best wishes to you that you feel better very soon. But, please take your time to recover, Claudia!

    • Thanks, Michael. Yeah, I really don’t know what it is with the puffy eyes. By evening they are normal, with the help of antihistamines, but every morning I have them again. Not quite as bad today, but still. I almost went out surfing this morning, because it is windy. But I was a little late and the sun was already full on. If the wind keeps on blowing, I hope to be going out for a brief run late this afternoon. At least David is out there now having fun!


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