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It is  (was) Sunday night and I am (was) starting to write (I’ll be finishing it on Monday) the first post in more than three days. Not that long, but it does feel like quite a long time. Unfortunately not time spent creating, but rather organizing. I just somehow need the feeling to be organized, to be on top of things before I can actually let go and get into my creative state. Of course, it also did not help that our internet has been wonky since Christmas. So much, that at one time we did not have any at all, another time I had to go and get a new modem. And then, Sunday, finally an Optimum tech came to our house to check things out. Turns out we needed a new splitter. Now, we are mostly up to speed, but there is still something funky with the upstream speed. Funky meaning really slow on one computer and really fast on another, unfortunately it is 90 % of the slow kind. Well, one step at a time.

grunge, raindrops


Which kind of plays right into Leslie’s question for her Tuesday Coffee Chat: One thing I would like to accomplish in 2015 is…. I actually already answered that question a few blog posts ago, in a matter of speaking. I noted that my goal, which I hope to accomplish, is to create more. Naturally that means that I will have to cut back on other things, like Etsy and also blogging. It will not mean that I will give up on the latter. I don’t think I can do that. Heck, I don’t want to do that! I will definitely continue following and interacting with you peeps that I have been getting to know and value these past years. And I will also continue to check out the blog of everyone who comments here on mine. That is a given. But apart from that, I will not actively go and try to ‘run a publicity campaign’ for my blog. Instead, eventually I hope to be having my portfolio back online and a home page instead of my blog posts on the front page. It is these essential things, a little bit of ‘back to the roots, back to the beginnings’ feeling, to be able to evolve anew and stronger – hopefully I will be accomplishing that in 2015.

Of course, there is also those other goals. You know, like keeping on top of my day job without letting it take over my life. Like it did last year, at times (like vacations). Getting David to publish more of his story or even a game (yep, he has been dabbling in that, too, very much so). Staying healthy – always big on the list, not always accomplished, loosing a few pounds wouldn’t hurt either, but it is not really a goal, yet runs along the line of being healthy. And otherwise, just generally enjoying life together with hubby.

Oops, just re-read Leslie’s question, seems like I got carried away a little – oh well. You have probably noticed my recent grungy, collage or composit pictures, which is most definitely a direction I will continue to explore. However, I will not stop taking pictures, as opposed to making pictures. Take for instance this Sunday morning. I believe I mentioned before that we have got a couple of ‘resident squirrels’ here that like to entertain us often during weekend’s breakfasts chasing each other through the trees.

So this Sunday morning, before breakfast and while the Optimum tech was doing his thing, I took my camera to take a few shots from the deck of raindrops and such (see picture above) when, leaning slightly over the railing to get closer to the raindrops hanging off the branches, I felt watched. It was cold, wet and windy and this is our backyard. Who could be there? Nobody. Then from the corner of my eye I saw the movement. Right underneath me sat a squirrel on the ground looking up to me. ‘What is that human doing? Give me some nuts!’ it seemed to message me. Instead, of course, I focused my camera on the little guy. Growing a little impatient with the continuous click, click, click, he twitched a few times and hurried up the tree. Quite obviously trying to get closer to me, asking for nuts. Some of the pics are not completely in focus, because squirrels tend to twitch a lot and I was not prepared for a squirrel. But I wanted to show you how he looked directly at me, into my eyes. And, yet, again, more click, click, click – boring. Finally the squirrel gave up on me and hopped down the tree to the ground and on to our neighbors to try his luck. But with this weather, I doubt that he found them outside. But I got a few not so shabby shots of our little fat, ahem, well fed squirrel. They are so cute!

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14 thoughts on “Off the deck”

  1. Great shots of that squirrel (even though I really dislike them…). I like the first picture of the raindrops on the branches. January seems to be the month we all want to organize. Certainly the stores want us to think so. LOL. I have been slowly cleaning out and organizing since October. Long way to go. Looking forward to seeing the new work on your blog Claudia and YES get David to publish more.

    • Good on ya for cleaning out since October, wow! I wish. I only started after New Year, but it felt so good. I’ll definitely do some more this weekend. Unless, of course, creativity strikes majorly 🙂 I think the next part of David’s story is just around the corner.

  2. Ahhhh, squirrel photos are the absolute cutest. I am a stalker of squirrels at parks and such. I also try to temp them dangerously close and have even managed to get a few on my lap. (That’s not creepy crazy park lady or anything right?? I’d like to think I’m kind of like Snow White with a telephoto lens..) Anyhoo, love the pics! <3 –

    • They are, aren’t they?! I know that they can be something of a pest, but I just love watching them. Think about when they scratch their white tummy – LOL
      Nope, not creepy crazy park lady at all. If it were doves, I would think differently, but squirrels… I had one nearly hop onto my shoulders in Central Park 😉

  3. I love watching the squirrels in our neighborhood play and chase each other up and down the palm trees. They are so cute and fun. Love the pics of your little big guy. I wish you nothing but luck in accomplishing your goals. And like you, I feel like I need to organize myself and clean up any clutter surrounding me before I can sit and “create”.

    • Little big guy, yep, that’s him. Seriously, we watched them all summer growing bigger and fatter for winter, so good to watch. And when it got a little warmer here, they starting chasing each other again – fun.
      Thank you so much, Susi. You know, I wish you the very same. All the best with your 365. May you succeed and find even more photo fun.

  4. I am so loving this new creative side you are sharing, and these grunge style pictures! I hope I am using the right term – because “Grunge” might imply bad to some thinking: but it’s the opposite instead: really, really good. I just really like “the feel” of them, ya know?
    So here’s to new creative directions for all of us! After attending one blog conference and seeing the amount of work it would take to Make Your Blog Grow; I went “meh.” I just want a space I can enjoy creatively, be myself, and welcome others along the journey. That’s enough for me.
    Love your squirrel! He’s so cute and animated. Those are sometimes the best kinds of pictures — the ones that are not perhaps technically perfect; but capture the moment perfectly. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Les, it really means a ton to me to hear this. I guess because I have got the feeling that this grungy (i.e. harshly textured and composited) style does not bode too well with the occasional visitor. But that is o.k. At this point it is (almost) all about me finding my way. I guess me not being a native English speaker ‘grunge’ does not have the same feeling to me as for you guys. To me, it will always remind me of good times, the 90s, grunge music, Pearl Jam, Nirvana etc. So, in that way I do not mind using the word grunge.

  5. That squirrel is indeed adorable! My friend has one who visits her every day and she has it so tame it practically eats out of her hand. She has christened her “Stumpy.”

    Loved the top photo as well. You are truly talented! I hope your 2015 brings everything you work for and wish for!

    • We actually toyed with the idea of leaving nuts for the squirrels. But by the looks of it they really are finding enough without us feeding them. This one, I swear though, was begging me with his eyes. I mean, he looked straight at me, then he looked for ways to get closer to me, up the tree – that felt really weird in a way. But I’m o.k. with a bit of weirdness 😉
      Thanks, I’m glad you like the ‘slightly’ more edited photo, too? Thank you very much, indeed!

    • Thank you, Annie, I really hope I do. I wish I had as much faith in me accomplishing them as you and others have… Believe and trust, right?
      Squirrels make for real good models, at least if you are prepared for it 😉


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