July in Purple @ Fine Art Friday & Feeling Beachie Blog Hop ~ week 123

August! That means another month over and it is time to show you the four purple fine art photographs I took and/or processed and posted in our Colors of 2013 facebook group. If you like to see all the other participant’s collages, you can find them here. And there are truly some treasures there and lots and lots of variety! Have a look



And here is from Hilary’s blog:

Each week, I plan on listing four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. If you want to join the fun and come up with four fill in’s of your own, please email them to me . If I use them, I will add you as co-host to the hop! This week’s co-host is Tami from Empty Nest in IL– she came up with the last two statements!

I would LOVE it if you could please help me spread the word about this hop…. So, please tweet, FaceBook share, and add the linky to your post…

PhotobucketThis week’s statements:
1. Sometimes evenings during the week are really short 🙁
2. Time flies but life’s great – or are we just getting old?
3. My favorite meal to cook is oh boy, there are many – a pie or stew, because it combines all the good stuff in one!
4. When it comes to social networking, I log on to facebook or Google plus, depending on my mood and focus.

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10 thoughts on “July in Purple @ Fine Art Friday & Feeling Beachie Blog Hop ~ week 123”

  1. Love your blossom shots especially the top left one! Gorgeous. I love a good stew or casserole too – one pot dishes are awesome!!! Wuensche dir ein schoenes Wochenende!!!

  2. beautiful shots. love the cactus one. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I wasn’t really aware that they bloom. since we don’t have any around here. love the filter or whatever it is that you used.
    I love a good chicken or turkey pot pie. And nothing like a hearty beef stew when the nights start to get cool again.

  3. Hi Claudia –Beautiful purples! Hey, thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and leave a comment. It’s nice to have a little commiseration about the new guy at work. He is a genuine pain! Anyway, lovely site you have here. Would you care to play an oldschool blogging game of Tag? Just check out today’s post on my Blog page… Cheers, Uttley


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