Risotto – WW w/linky @ ImagesByCW

#39 / 2015 – Risotto Wordless Wednesday

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11 thoughts on “Risotto – WW w/linky @ ImagesByCW”

  1. that looks so yummy!!! I want to cook stuff like that. ugh – kids are a disaster to your palate. I would eat more like this if I didn’t have 3 picky people at the table. I can’t wait for them to get a bit more adventurous. The other night I made myself a spinach salad: with strawberries, blueberries, walnuts, egg and chicken; and they all sat making fake gagging sounds. Like really? it’s fruit! you like fruit. it’s egg. you like egg. (well except oldest who is allergic to raw egg.) Little do they know I used to put a blended vegetable mixture in the cakes and brownies I used to make. ha ha

  2. Claudia, this looks good. I like cooking, but am less than motivated these days to do anything new. I’m just in a slump of some sort and finding it hard to pull myself out of it. *sigh* Oh well…whenever I get back to my ole self again I want to try making this! Thanks for stopping by. I added you to my linky party, since it wasn’t working earlier. Have a fototastic #WW!

  3. If ever I was in a situation where I could request a ‘last meal’ (and believe me, I don’t WANT to be in that situation! haha)…it would have to be risotto!


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