coffeechatLeslie’s question today is: What is your/the most beautiful word? Phew, there are many. Right now? Ocean waves, wind in my hair, salty tasting air – o.k., o.k. I get it, that is not the kind of word we’re looking for. Vacation? Just kidding. But I cannot just go with one word, because, well, just because there are a few that come to mind:

Trust – in yourself, in your partner, your friends and family – is a great foundation to build upon your life.

Gratitude – about all the little things in life that happen in your life. Of course, the big ones, too, but it is the little things, the ones we so easily take for granted, that get overseen or forgotten in the big scope of things. Basic things like health, being able to walk and talk and listen. To see and to capture the beauty of it all.

Smile – about yourself and with your partner, friends and family. Do this a lot, because it not only brightens up your day, but theirs, too.

And all this may lead to happiness, another formidable word. Happiness – something we all like to have in our lives. We all see and value something else in being happy. There is no recipe to finding happiness, there are probably a gazillion different ways to achieving it. Yet they all are as different as we are. However, with trust, gratitude and smiling along the way, I believe, I am on my way.songography

And now for Kathy’s You’ll-shoot-your-eyes-out Song-ography – this week’s song is “Small Town” by John Mellenkamp. First off, I love that song. And I haven’t heard it in a while, so I think I will even link it here.

‘I was born in a small town …..

Used to daydream in that small town
Another boring romantic that’s me’

Not sure if 350’000 people really qualifies for ‘small town’, but somehow Bielefeld always felt a bit small town to me. I know it is the biggest town, center of life for a big blob of – not much, but countryside and farms and really small and quaint towns. It is where I grew up and I dreamed of the big wide world out there. And, I guess, some dreams do come true, because I am no longer in that small town. Haven’t been living there, or visiting it in quite a while. Which is usually when you can start romanticizing about a place, right?! Although I would not go that far, I do not dream of going back there, but rather seeing other places. But that’s just me 🙂 And don’t forget: Keep on smiling!

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20 thoughts on “Smile!”

  1. Love this!! Smile – that’s a great one! A smile is one of those great and precious gifts that you were not meant to hoard for yourself: it’s real power is in giving it away. 🙂

    *sigh* surf, sea, sun

    Small town – mine is only about 7,000. that’s pretty small – but we a big on size geographically speaking because it includes all the rural areas around the actual town. I love it. Although, I really do wish we had stuff like A&W or a Starbucks — just for every now and then. they make me smile. ha

    • I agree 100 %. David and I always joke about the ‘s’es in our life we love. Sushi, Sekt (German champagne), yes, sex ;), surf, sun and a smile to go along with them all 🙂

      7000 – I honestly cannot imagine that. I love a little bit of anonymity. Now I need to look up A&W – no idea

  2. Ahhhh, “small” is in the eye and the experiences of the beholder I believe. Thanks for joining in at Song-ography, and I’m glad you liked the song choice 🙂

  3. I grew up in a small town just over the mountain here. We moved to Cville when I was 11. I never did go back there but a couple of times and then only as an adult. Now, things have come full circle. My daughter bought a house there in the same town. Guess I WILL be going back. Funny how things go. You guys look like you are having a ball and I am enjoying your pictures!

    • True, never say never, right? And looking back, most everything really looks better. I am sure I could live in Bielefeld, too, if I had to. But, why? There are sooooo many other places that I have not seen yet 😉
      Oh, yes, we did have a ball there – always.

  4. How funny that you had gratitude like Leslie did!
    I love the word “smile” because you can’t help but smile when you hear it, or you at least picture a big smile.
    I love the word “grace.”

    • True, it is. When joining these hops, I usually make it a point to not (!) look what others or the host have written, because then my own answer might get ‘tainted’. Gratitude for the little things is just something that at this point of our lives we are reminding ourselves of a lot… but also to smile 🙂 Grace is a good one, too!

    • It sure is and I am ever so glad my photos made you smile. That is so nice to hear, really. Yes, positive memories is – for the most part – the ones that our brain chooses to remember. Probably a good thing.

  5. Kathy is right, small is in the eye of the beholder. And, small is what you make it by being close, in my opinion. Nice post.


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