Welcome to the weekend on my blog

A spring illustration to ease the waiting for… definitely warmer weather, but also my blogging mojo to return. This is the first and one and only blog post in a week. That has not happened in a while…

And while I still do not have my blogging mojo back, this week I started getting back into drawing. All week I have been following several online training exercises e.g. draw 5 different tea cups of 5 different cats etc. And when I say draw I mean illustrate i.e. ink, not painting them. Doing this I filled quite a few pages in my sketchbook even though I only spent maybe 30 minutes each day.

All that inspired me yesterday morning to start working on a new coloring page, a spring illustration (not inspired by our current weather). Below you will see the pencil sketch, done very lightly, so I had to darken it a lot for you to see, in one of my sketchbooks, but then, and I am not sure why, I decided to ink the picture on my iPad Pro in ProCreate. Maybe I had in the back of my mind the idea to fill the real paper with watercolor? I don’t know.

In any case, the page is not finished. As you can see the top, where the spiral was has to be cropped and there is a lot of the detail missing. Detail that I didn’t even pencil in. What I have in mind is to add small details to all the creatures and plant e.g. the worm will get stripes, the birds will get ‘feathers’ etc. Once the page is done, I think, it will be quite something to color in. Any takers?

Other then that we have been working on David’s website and will do some more today. He will be adding a whole sub-section dedicated to his game development. Some of you may remember ‘The Witch Game’. Well, that was actually only a training project to get to know the game developing software. Now he has been working on the real game. The one with a story to tell, a story idea that he had in his head for… a long time.

That’s what we will be doing today. I hope you’re having a great Sunday.




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WIP - a pen & ink spring illustration

in my sketchbook with ink added in ProCreate App

self portrait, Claudia Willison, ImagesByCW

Claudia is founder, owner and soul of ImagesByCW Photography. Born in Germany, traveled though Europe and Australia, she currently lives with her American husband in New Jersey, USA. She blogs about what she loves: Photography, art, internet and computers in general, as well as cooking and windsurfing. When not working she enjoys reading, music, windsurfing and listening to the sound of waves and the wind, preferably together with her husband.

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