Game news: The Witch of Darkmoore Forest is released

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The Witch

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The Witch of Darkmoore Forest

The collaboration on creating the witch game between David and I has finally come to an end. It did not do so naturally, no, no. In its own, free form it most likely would have gone on and on and on and – you get the picture.

We really needed to ‘just’ stop, as otherwise David would have found ‘a better way to code this’ and I could have drawn something differently or added something else until the end of our days.

Without ever giving you the chance to play it. Your chance is now to:

The game is completely free; there are no ads or in app purchases. Ahem, well no “real” ads anyway. Our game is at a solid beta stage, so please enjoy . And, extra-please let us know what you think, how we may improve the game or any other thoughts through this short Google survey form. Thanks a bunch!

It is very much what I would call an old school game of wandering around, solving riddles, finding stuff and having fun along the way. No blood or gore, don’t worry or sorry – which ever you were hoping to hear.

David, of course, did all the coding with a program called GameMaker, while I did most of the artwork with my usual tools. And what I didn’t draw, David did. So, everything was done by us.

Here are some technical notes (please hop over to David’s blog if you prefer a very detailed explanation of these).

  • The game is windowed at a fixed resolution of 1280×768. This was the largest size that we felt would still fit users with smaller displays. (Should your display be smaller than this, please let us know what happens when you play – we have no way of testing this on our own!)
  • The game does have sound, so crank up the volume! (But be careful to not hurt your hearing!)
  • To exit the game, just close the window (e.g. click the “X” at the upper right)
  • You may save the game when you are in the witch’s hut
  • The game uses both mouse (mouse-over for description of in-game items) and keyboard (player movement) controls
  • The F1 key brings up help

And – so sorry – but at this point, regrettably our witch game cannot be played on a MAC, since we don’t own a MAC and thus are not able to emulate it for a MAC

Thanks for downloading the game and hopefully playing and enjoying it, too!





game, gaming, witch, drawing, coding
The Witch of Darkmore Forest – a sidescroller game of sorts.


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5 thoughts on “Game news: The Witch of Darkmoore Forest is released”

  1. Ohh! Scarlet loves games! Sometimes she teaches me how to play them. I’m totally a gamer. Also, we’re talking about witches right now in the house. Like.. right now. So Halloween isn’t over!

  2. So excited to try it!! I will be downloading later today and hopefully getting the kiddos to bed on time so that I can play it tonight! I bet the kids will want to play after I have done some first. 🙂

  3. Oh man, I can’t play it. I’ll have to ask hubby if he’ll let me borrow his PC so I can have a look! So excited for you. Congrats on finishing the game!!!

  4. ahhhh, sad panda I can’t play it because I have a MAC! Sounds like a fun little game. Congrats on finishing the game, how cool is that!


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