Watercolor and ink in a stick figure illustration


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This week here in New Jersey has been all about winter. We didn’t really believe that it would get here this season, but… never doubt Mother Nature. Winter is here. Unlike in my little stick figure illustration below, I did not even go out during the snowstorm, unlike other winters.

This time I worked from home (my office job) and in between finally updated my website. Especially my homepage, if you haven’t seen it  yet, please have a look (just click the logo in the top left).

At the same time I changed the blog page a little to have it load faster as well. But unlike other blog pages I am sticking to the idea of showing you several posts on this page instead of the latest post only. But the posts are in order and the latest one will always be on the top left.

Anyway, while it is still cold and white outside today (supposedly rain around freezing temps tomorrow…) I will stay inside again, huddle up by the fire, probably work out and start my filming project all over again. So, maybe it will be ready for next sARTurday.

Until then – have a wonderful weekend!Cheers,



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Winter time

illustrated stick figure style in ink and watercolor in my sketchbook

16 thoughts on “Watercolor and ink in a stick figure illustration”

  1. Oh, you never cease to amaze me! I love this post! It is so “You”, but many can relate. Your art runs the gamut in creativity and feeling. Thank you for sharing it here. WARM HUGS! (Thanks for linking me!)

  2. Stick figures, now that I can do …. Probably not as well as you, but I can and probably will, now that you have opened that door. I will only comment on your cold and snow as I don’t want Mother Nature to think we need more winter than we have had here. I will say though that you could go out and build a real snowman and I can’t … not complaining, but though it has been cold, we have had very little snow. In fact we have open water on our lake which is unheard of at this time of year. Still, I long for warmer days … Your fireplace sounds cozy 🙂 Hot Chocolate anyone?

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  3. Your sketches show the perfect way to deal with a blizzard, huddle in front of the fire and dream of a warm beach! It sounds like you made the most of your snow day.

  4. What a cute little comic strip. I bet you guys are thinking of warmer weather. I saw your pics and from the looks and sounds of it the snow just came down hard. I hope you enjoyed your nice cozy weekend and got everything accomplished yiubset out to do. xo

  5. Claudia, Oh No, it looks like DH has some serious competition in the “Stick People Drawing Contest”. lol Seriously every time he makes me a card he draws stick people family (one for each member) on the front. I just love it, too! His doodles are whimsical, cute, & personal. I’m glad you didn’t put a bikini on your stick woman, though. I’m pretty sure she couldn’t pull wearing one off very well. lol Thanks for putting a smile on my face with your fun drawing!

  6. These sketches are fab! I love nothing better than cosying up in front of our open fire. And with Spring almost upon us, the warmer weather here in the UK has me day dreaming also of lying on a beach somewhere nice!

    Thanks for joining in with #MMBC. Hope you can make it Monday 🙂

  7. The homepage looks really great!! Very easy to navigate and loaded fast. I LOVE these stick figures – they would look so great as an Art grouping. I haven’t been out as much this winter as in previous years either. We just seem to be busy all the time the last month.


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